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  1. Skidmarks68

    Order cancellation list

    Was just curious if there is a list of those who cancelled their reservation? Might make it easier to get a real time outlook on wait times
  2. Skidmarks68

    Price Increases?

    With the car markets in such chaos and soaring price points, any idea how this may impact our reservation prices?
  3. Skidmarks68

    Conversion cost to drive

    I dont know that this has been done yet but has anyone come up with the cost to drive a Tesla as compared to MPG at an average price per gallon? Like if the average price per gallon was $2.50. And you average 20 MPG You go on a 200 mile round trip at a cost of $25. How much would it cost to do...
  4. Skidmarks68

    Tesla Quality

    So while I wait for my Cyber truck to be produced as most of you are, I have been researching all things Tesla, as this is the first interest I have ever had in the company. I have learned a lot of good things about the previous models but I am also getting primarily negative stories and media...
  5. Skidmarks68

    Whats next?

    This is my first Tesla purchase so I have no assumptions of how this works going forward as we wait for a few years. I was hoping that one of you that have been through the whole pre-order process can explain what to expect over the next few years.