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    Tactical Grey Interior - Real Life Images [Photos]

    Third that. I am no fan of white, and got excited for the gray. Will wait to see what it actually looks like, but if anything like those images above I will either keep it or go custom!
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    ELECFRESH | Center Floor Organizer

    Very Interested!
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    PSA: CHECK your Cybertruck's hazard light switch area

    The zip tie looks like a suspect location, maybe rotate it and see if that helps?
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    Trailer Hitch Height

    Looking at updating my trailer hitches and need to know the height of the hitch, with the truck in Medium lift. Example of the measurement I am after below. Can someone grab that measurement and post back? Thanks!
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    Founder’s series 4WD invitation accepted, Washington State

    Do NOT do Financing or Trade-in until you have a VIN and delivery date assigned. You are good with the 1k that you plunked down for now!
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    Can a third party take delivery of your truck for you if you are out of the country?

    Have the lawyers draw up a power of attorney for the wife. Legally she is you with that little piece of paper Tear it up when you get home
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    CyberTruck delivered and settled in for the night.

    Thats where the Mrs' can put her giant bag of crap she lugs everywhere!
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    NY VIN’s?

    Will do! Will be picking up in Westchester
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    Fusebox Location?

    I would install a quality DC-DC Converter so you don't burn up your brand new $80k + vehicle Victron makes exactly what you are looking for with all the certifications and standards
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    Anyone pick up a CT in NJ as of yet?

    I stood in Paramus for over an hour Saturday night staring at it from about 8ft away Not allowed to go near it and the staff wont touch it either. Still worth going and taking a look, it swayed me to actually place my order....
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    Front License Plate mount

    I put my order in Yesterday and I have been tossing and turning about this all night. Happy to see there is a recess piece and not just some screws into the bumper like a lot of other manufacturers. I am NY and really don't want the Front Plate on and am willing to roll the dice if the dealer...
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    01/18/24 - Foundation Invite Received - New York

    In the Designer under each model type it had a delivery window posted. I don't see it anywhere in the app now after plunking down the 1k deposit...
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    01/18/24 - Foundation Invite Received - New York

    When I did the math I wanted FSD and power share. I was going to get most of the other stuff anyway so basically paying 6k for instant gratification. That said, I'm not eligible for the EV credit anyway so that took that off the table. Not a fan of the A/T tires or the laser etching...
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    01/18/24 - Foundation Invite Received - New York

    So my self control ran out last night after looking at the truck for an hour from about 8 feet away. Submitted my order this afternoon for the Founders with Delivery Feb-April. I require constant supervision and have been told I have the financial prowess of a heroine addict....
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    01/18/24 - Foundation Invite Received - New York

    Just received an invite in New York for RN1128513XX at 4:51pm for a Foundation Series Truck! I have never owned a Tesla product so assuming that isnt factoring into whatever their equation is I do not want a FS, just want the Dual Motor AWD with FSD without the badging or offroad tires and all...
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    Making the pilgrimage to San Jose showroom Cybertruck. Any requests?

    Dang, was hoping to see if the hitch was 2" or 2.5". Assume from what we have been hearing it is a standard 2" receiver
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    Everyone stay calm. Keep your order until things settle.

    Yes, MKBHDs review showed him toggling heat and ventilation