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  1. Water getting inside the charge port!

    This is what I was afraid of since the charge port door doesn't cover the charge port when it's open. Zoom into the attached photo and look at the water droplets inside the charge port, beyond the gasket. I hope this isn't going to be a problem.
  2. Cybertrucks's two subwoofers, ported or sealed?

    They look like ported subwoofers. Very disappointing. A high quality sound system would have sealed subwoofers. They make it easier to hear the subtle differences between those super low notes, whereas a ported subwoofer is very boomy... the kind of vehicle you can hear/feel a half mile away. If...
  3. Still don't know if cab-bed window opens

    After all this attention and scrutiny, I still don't know if the window between the cab and bed opens to let HVAC air through. And no one yet has tried to see if a magnet sticks to the CT's steel (some stainless steels are magnetic and some are not).
  4. Rear-view "mirror" screen used when towing

    Since you can't see out of the rear window with the Tonneau cover closed, it makes sense to have a rear-view screen instead of a rear-view mirror. And then when towing, Tesla can offer a Cybertruck accessory: a wireless camera that gets placed on the rear of whatever you're towing, and when the...
  5. Badging on the rear of the Cybertruck?

    All production Teslas have some kind of badging on the rear of the vehicle; either the Tesla "T" logo, or, as with the new Model 3, "T E S L A" spelled out. All CTs I've seen to date have had nothing on the rear. Do you think they will have something when they go into production? Personally, I'd...
  6. Cybertruck Backup Trailer Assist Feature?

    I wonder if the CT will have some sort of Backup Trailer Assist feature like the gasoline Ford F-150. It could be a "summon" type feature that lets you get out and drive the CT in reverse when towing a trailer that you want to back in to a driveway or camping site, and it's done with the Tesla...
  7. Who will advertise on the back of their CT?

    I will be placing "TESLA.COM" in big bold text on the back of my CT as a way of giving back to Tesla and Elon. Who else will?
  8. Time limit on placing order?

    I've looked at the pre-order Agreement when I placed my pre-order, and nowhere does it state anything about a timeline for completing the order once contacted. My question is: When Tesla is ready to fill my CT order, do I have a specific amount of time to do so before I lose my place in line, or...