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  1. JJ_Tex

    Tesla owner with Mustang Mach-E reports threats on social media from Tesla fans

    There are a lot of stupid people/assholes in this world, so doubt it. For some reason cars in general seem to be a hot topic for triggering. In the past 12 months I have experienced: - ICE vehicles parking in EV charging spots. Sometimes intentional, sometimes just stupid people. - Diesel...
  2. JJ_Tex

    Musk says Twitter board will be paid nothing if he acquires the company

    Seems reasonable to me. While most outside directors of fortune 100 companies are compensated $150k or more, they are typically successful executives in the public and private space worth $millions already. Thats not bad for a part-time job where you have a meeting once a quarter, plus maybe a...
  3. JJ_Tex

    NEW | Nice Clean Non-Potato Shot of The Cybertruck in Giga Texas

    Is that the Tesla Semi in front of it, or just a regular semi?
  4. JJ_Tex

    Dealership model vs. direct sales?

    I really like my F150, but the weak points are the dealer model (which is not a value add to the consumer, only their pocketbooks IMO) and Ford's ability to push software OTA. I think it is also interesting that Ford is separating their EV business from the traditional dealer model, so...
  5. JJ_Tex

    Whining about Austin celebration

    Agreed. Considering this event is going to be much smaller than SXSW which just wrapped up or the Formula 1 race next month, 100k visitors for college football games, etc. I'm sure Austin can handle Elon's party even if it expands.
  6. JJ_Tex

    Whining about Austin celebration

    What an odd group to be against Tesla. Plus their name sounds totally made up: PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources).
  7. JJ_Tex

    Austin Gigafest Event on April 7

    This band is based in Austin and uses Tesla coils as the main feature during their concerts. Seems like a natural fit to me.
  8. JJ_Tex

    Lightning pre-orders? (Poll)

    I'm still waiting on my number to be called, but I noticed some on the Ford forum today have production dates for their orders as early as April/May. I'll probably pass on ordering the Lightning, but no sense in canceling at this point.
  9. JJ_Tex

    Self-Driving Tesla Fails On The Streets Of South Boston

    It is an emerging technology in beta testing, driving in a very challenging environment. Of course it is going to get some things right, some things wrong... it is all part of the development process. It is not like Tesla has opened up FSD to everyone and said it is ready for the masses.
  10. JJ_Tex

    Highway Charging While Driving

    What is the business model here? Is there some sort of meter hooked up to the car where you are charged when you drive your EV on the charger, similar to a toll road?
  11. JJ_Tex

    STOP excusing for Elon

    And a business is a business. Sure, focusing on the CT would be sexy, but they are still tinkering with the design and it would be a terrible business decision to prioritize that over their high-demand money makers (3's and Y's). Elon and Tesla made a grown-up decision and it was the correct...
  12. JJ_Tex

    ? Tesla Q4 2021 Earnings Call Audio Webcast Stream - Listen Here @ 5:30 Eastern / 2:30 Pacific

    I know it is not what anyone wanted to hear, but they are making sound business decisions for long-term sustained growth, which is good for everyone. Plus it sounds like they are still tweaking the CT and I would rather give them enough time to get it right, while keeping their factories at...
  13. JJ_Tex

    Felony charges are 1st in a fatal crash involving Autopilot

    Autopilot gets people to click on the story. Substitute the words cruise control, traction control, lane centering, etc for autopilot and this is a non-story. Also missing is a ton of specifics, including the "high rate of speed". What was the speed limit and what was the speed of the car...
  14. JJ_Tex

    NBC announces Ford and GM promises but overlooks Cybertruck

    Wait, are you saying my 5 minutes of internet sleuthing wasn't solid research? :) You are totally right and I do not think there is some broad conspiracy, but I do think that big businesses, including the media, are intertwined and tend to stick together vs a new ousider like Tesla.
  15. JJ_Tex

    NBC announces Ford and GM promises but overlooks Cybertruck

    It is always about the $ and connections. Follow my logic: 1. NBC is owned by Comcast 2. Comcast's CEO came from the Carlyle Group (source) 3. William Kennard worked for the Carlyle Group's CEO (the one above), and is now on Ford's board of Directors. (Source) While not a huge conflict of...
  16. JJ_Tex

    2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed / Leaked ⚡️

    I see 2 use cases where the <300 mile range is a deal breaker: 1. People who tow/haul a bunch with their truck for work or fun. A 300 mile range will go way down for those in this group and I totally understand where they would not want to be at a job site, lake, mountains, etc. with no good...
  17. JJ_Tex

    Keep me excited...

    If you can get a Lightning for under $50k, I would say jump all over that. I would be leery of the price, including dealer markup, as well as the number of Pro models they will sell to non-Fleet customers. Good luck.
  18. JJ_Tex

    2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed / Leaked ⚡️

    Yep, the 300 range limit is a deal breaker and the pricing is just astronomical. I want an EV truck, but I will not be a Lightning early adopter.