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  1. The honeymoon is over

    App didn't let me know, so I came out in the morning to a single open window. I had a model x before, no such issues. Not sure if this is app driven or car software driven, but wasn't anything my phone told it to do. Not a common occurrence though, but very bizarre.
  2. The honeymoon is over

    my model 3 vented one window the other night. Just decided to open the window 3 inches overnight for some reason. its happened one other time a year ago. bizarre glitch. I really wish Tesla would let us consumers see the vehicle logs, I know the car knows when the window was opened.
  3. Cybertruck T-Bone accident at high speed - damage photos

    Why are you assuming this? Of course the airbag went off unless the sensor was defective. You can’t see very well due to the bad quality photo, but here’s a stock edge vs the crashed one- appears the passenger bag blew up in the dash, and the steering wheel bag isn’t visible in the photo angle.
  4. Cybertruck T-Bone accident at high speed - damage photos

    You want to flip over? This performed perfectly, the doors absorbed the crash. And because it's so stiff and strong, the frame looks straight still, while most vehicles fold in half from side impacts. Amazing that the ford edge (how did people get the idea it was a tacoma/tundra?) looks like...
  5. Integrated Light Bar on employee Cybertruck at Coachella!

    Compare to the one I posted which looks like production version, I'm guessing that black piece that blocks it MIGHT be required by DOT to include the light bar, and you can remove it yourself and risk a fix it ticket like every other truck with a big light bar without covers. Might be causing...
  6. Integrated Light Bar on employee Cybertruck at Coachella!

    Here’s a crop from a photo I grabbed locally in NorCal. Hoping it’s super bright but ties into the headlight auto dimming
  7. Cybertruck cost analysis

    I always see these super long life experiences for ev’s, especially teslas where Munro has shown the enormous ball bearings the moving parts are riding on, but then see the record high mile model S with like 4 motor replacements and 3 battery packs or something like that. I haven’t done any...
  8. Cancelled Order - VIN# 5380, Fife, WA - Delivery scheduled for April 12th

    With all the current bs surrounding trucks shutting down, gas pedal issues, software issues, and missing features, not to mention beta quality production vehicles and lower than expected pack size and charging speed.... I'm with you. Sad that Tesla, unlike Rivian, doesn't give a crap about...
  9. Lightbar spotted in the wild- Bay Area

    I’m well aware of the laws and common curtesy regarding light bars. Technically, to be legal the bar needs to be covered while street driving. But just like shining your brights at oncoming cars, should be used only when alone on the road. Hopefully they tie it into the auto lights and give 3...
  10. Lightbar spotted in the wild- Bay Area

    Saw my first parked cybertruck this weekend, looked pretty beat up (some large panel gaps/grinder marks in a few spots) but it had the light bar installed. Looks very sleek, hope it puts out a lot of light to make up for the mediocre headlights in bad conditions.
  11. PowerShare install price / value

    Nice enphase setup! A family member has been an engineer there from the beginning, extremely high quality inverters! yes, that Seems pretty absurd for an install 5 feet away. Should be sub $1,000 to me. Also BS that Tesla won’t give us the $2,600 worth of equipment to install as we wish. Those...
  12. Tesla is giving $700 voucher to buy wall connector charger (to setup Powershare Home Backup)

    IF they actually cared, and wanted to make good, they would give the full $4,000 plus the $2600 worth of hardware to all cyberbeast buyers. At this point it’s a bait and switch. Even just getting the hardware would make me feel ok about it, but really having the choice to give that up and...
  13. Cybertruck engineer: things we learned with Cybertruck in Baja and will bring via OTA

    Looked pretty big to me, they were surprised the airbags didn’t go off so that’s an extremely harsh impact!
  14. Early delivery of Foundation Series Cybertruck now available to long-term verified TSLA shareholder!

    Absolutely agree man! There are still so many little issues with these trucks being delivered today, and everyone knows Tesla rapidly implements improvements in production as they become available. A truck in q3 or q4 or this year is so much less likely to have rattles, squeaks, motor issues...
  15. Why two motor types in CyberBeast?

    Yeah, I’m really concerned Tesla saves money manufacturing a vehicle that costs $30k premium over the original try motor, or even the extra $20k it costs over the awd. but sure, being fwd or rwd is fine under light load, and it actually occurred to me that since the beast will be harder on rear...
  16. CyberBeast Cybertruck Suspension Deep Dive and RTI Test | Car and Driver

    Yeah, at least 2 have been bent so far. it’s likely engineered to prevent something far more expensive from breaking, but may have been slightly under spec
  17. CyberBeast Cybertruck Suspension Deep Dive and RTI Test | Car and Driver

    Hmmm. Want to see the rut with swaybars disconnected and see how much better it is. There’s also a reason off-roaders don’t generally run air suspension. Wondering if Tesla doesn’t implement it, if the aftermarket could come to the aid with a selectable valve to add to the air tank outlets...
  18. Desert Trip - Sunfair Lake Bed with CyberBeast in Off-Road Baja Mode

    I second this question: can you run it at medium height but in Baja mode? Air suspension gets so stiff at full height, I’d like to run it at partial height with adjustable power split
  19. Sandy Munro takes Cybertruck delivery -- first in Michigan. Teardown coming!

    I’d much rather let sandy do a teardown and get a few suggested fixes to Tesla plus let the early few thousand prototype vehicles get rapidly iterated and upgraded before I get mine. There are so many issues with them right now, I know the fomo is strong and it’s an awesome truck but TRUST me...
  20. Sandy Munro takes Cybertruck delivery -- first in Michigan. Teardown coming!

    Sandy is the one person in the world I hope can get an awd and beast asap, ahead of everyone else. So excited for this teardown!