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  1. Technigogo

    Is your tonneau cover not closing? DIY fix it yourself how-to

    My tonneau cover stopped closing because it was catching on a trim panel located at the rear of the glass roof. I went to my local Tesla service center, and they told me it would take 2+ weeks to get an appointment to fix the issue. One of the Tesla technicians was kind enough to take a look and...
  2. Technigogo

    I now own a Cyberbeast!

    On Wednesday of last week, I got the email with a VIN number, and they scheduled my delivery for Friday the 29th. I did not see the email until about 1 PM. I then realized I missed several phone calls from Tesla. I put them off until Saturday, partly because I didn't think I could get all the...
  3. Technigogo

    Any Cybertruck to see in Austin?

    Any Cybertruck to see in Austin? I have ordered mine already but I still have not seen one in person at all. It sure would be a lot cooler if I did. Anyone in the South Austin area got one they want to show off a bit? I won't ask for a ride or to even get in it. I won't even bother you; I just...
  4. Technigogo

    Onboard tire inflation?

    I know there is an air compressor for the suspension, any chance there is options for adjusting tire pressure on the fly?