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  1. Zaimor

    Cabin Overheat Protection coming soon via OTA for Cybertruck

    Confirmed by Cybertruck chief engineer that Cabin Overheat Protection IS coming “soon” :). "I hear you and also Aaron, who asks about it daily - it's coming in an OTA update soon. Keep an eye on the release notes."
  2. Zaimor

    Visiting Mexico?

    Has anyone gotten a Mexico Temporary Import Permit for the truck (or a similar-sized 3/4T or 1T truck) yet? Banjercito (if you don't know who that is stop reading ;)) has their 3.5T limit, but nobody seems to know what that actually means (a dozen different websites have different definitions)...
  3. Zaimor

    Interesting way to map deliveries - by Turo rentals

    It's not all-inclusive, obviously. But it's an interesting way to see where the truck is being delivered, figuring that once a few are in an area, statistically, -someone- is gonna try to get that cash by putting it on Turo, especially trying to be the first 1-2 in the area...
  4. Zaimor

    No Cabin Overheat Protection?

    I'm not sure if I'm losing my mind, or if Tesla really overlooked this one; is there no Cabin Overheat Protection? One of my favorite features of Tesla cars, especially in Texas. And I can't find any mention of it in the settings pages, or the owners manual (the manual says the fan might turn...
  5. Zaimor

    1000 Miles in the Midwest: Road Trip Data

    Check out the data HERE. The Good: Even without AP, driving this thing is just FUN! Comfortable ride, 0 range anxiety (had to stick <80 on one stretch because #EasternOklahoma + #ColdWeather + #NightDrive). Got to talk a LOT of Tesla because I had people come up and ask about it in _every...
  6. Zaimor

    NO CHAdeMO or CCS

    I knew we didn’t have CCS yet, but I was quite disappointed to find out today CHAdeMO doesn’t work either! Warning message says it’s not supported after trying to charge. Luckily I had enough extra juice to get to a supercharger but hopefully this serves as a warning to those that rely on it!
  7. Zaimor

    TollTag Placement [Update: Top of Windshield is Good]

    [UPDATE: Added photo + Top of the windshield beside the mirror/camera assembly works great! Tested at DFW Airport] Where is everyone putting their TollTag/NTTA stickers? The manual says "next to the rear view mirror", but the "rvm" assembly is crazy big. Can anyone confirm or deny that the...