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  1. Delivery state priority?

    I'm curious if anyone has figured out or if Tesla has said anything about what the delivery priority is for each state, or maybe even region. It sounds like Texas and California are at the top which makes sense but what about the other 48. Has anyone in Hawaii or Alaska received one yet?
  2. Tomato sauce vandalism

    We went to the Loveland, CO store to ask a few delivery questions. They had some trucks out back and we asked if we could look at them since we were Beast reservation holders and were clearly serious about the purchase. We were told no because the trucks had been vandalized. Someone had snuck...
  3. 225A Electrical service panel?

    We have a 225A electrical service panel in the garage and I’m hearing that Tesla is requiring something with lower amperage than that to qualify for power share home backup. Is that true and if so, is there a workaround?