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  1. Delivery state priority?

    I'm curious if anyone has figured out or if Tesla has said anything about what the delivery priority is for each state, or maybe even region. It sounds like Texas and California are at the top which makes sense but what about the other 48. Has anyone in Hawaii or Alaska received one yet?
  2. Why Buy a Cybertruck? Share Your Motivation and Use Cases!

    Pretty much what @Woodrick said above though I've never owned a Tesla before. I've always liked new/interesting vehicles and had a Brabus Smart Car for 12 years when I lived in Seattle and absolutely LOVED it. It opened my eyes to what could be possible. It also gave me a pretty thick skin when...
  3. Cyberbeast waiting room

    3/9 config, 11287 order, Cheyenne…. no VIN
  4. Flagpole Holder

    Link please!
  5. Tomato sauce vandalism

    We have a 2021 Forester Sport if needed and we’re in Cheyenne where the Cybertruck will seem small compared to the other massive trucks everywhere. I just want my damn Beast!!
  6. Tomato sauce vandalism

    AWD or Beast? We’re waiting for a Beast. in Cheyenne Wyoming 😳
  7. Tomato sauce vandalism

    Thank you so much for the recommendation!! We "think" we're about 1-2 months away from getting a VIN so we've slowly started to prepare for delivery.
  8. we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    The store in Aurora, CO is letting people in the trucks.
  9. we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    That’s my logic too. We keep our cars for at least 10 years and being in our early 40s with how long Tesla batteries are lasting with proper care and feeding we think it might be the last truck we buy. The extras we get for $20k is totally worth it. OTOH, we also think in the next 10+ years...
  10. Tomato sauce vandalism

    I asked how they were cleaning it and they said “we’re figuring it out”. The Loveland SC will be able to deliver Cybertrucks this month and will probably do our delivery. I’ll let everyone know what the fix was if they tell me.
  11. Tomato sauce vandalism

    We went to the Loveland, CO store to ask a few delivery questions. They had some trucks out back and we asked if we could look at them since we were Beast reservation holders and were clearly serious about the purchase. We were told no because the trucks had been vandalized. Someone had snuck...
  12. Anyone using Montana to register? Especially CyberBeast

    That RTA tax was one of the many reasons I left the state. I ended up registering all my cars at my mom’s place in ravensdale to avoid it till I could leave. I’m in Wyoming now and the taxes for everything is so low I don’t mind paying them. It’s one of the few places where you can actually see...
  13. My first off roading with Cyberbeast... impressed!

    That’s incredible! Do you have more photos?
  14. All Foundation Series owners will receive $2,500 voucher for Tesla Shop (to purchase Powershare Home Backup Equipment or other products)

    The $4k was there when we ordered. We went to a store to complete the purchase because this is our first Tesla. The $4k was there at the time but I changed the interior to grey and I think that’s where we lost the credit. I seriously hope they make it right.
  15. 225A Electrical service panel?

    We have a 225A electrical service panel in the garage and I’m hearing that Tesla is requiring something with lower amperage than that to qualify for power share home backup. Is that true and if so, is there a workaround?
  16. Cyberbeast waiting room

    I’m now at 90 days here in Cheyenne and figure I’m 1/2 way through the waiting process. My husband and I are desperately hoping we’re not the first cybertruck in town. Hopefully someone else gets the pleasure of being first along with the insane attention it’s going to grab.