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  1. A-AY-RON

    Musk says Foundation Series ends soon and non-FS starts next quarter. Production goal of 2500 units/week by end of year

    At this point, only Tesla knows, if that. I would assume they’d send FS invites to the remaining pre-orders to lock in existing production units before cutover.
  2. A-AY-RON

    Musk says Foundation Series ends soon and non-FS starts next quarter. Production goal of 2500 units/week by end of year

    He was just asked and he stated FS ending soon, and non-FS next quarter. I’m watching it while ADHD’ing other things so I don’t have exact quote.
  3. A-AY-RON

    Got VIN assigned today but having 2nd thought...

    I requested by text ( but went through with initial order) when I responded to the Tesla rep who was assigned to me. They dont need justification or timeline. Simply ask if you can hold and they’ll tell you it’s a 185 day hold on your order.
  4. A-AY-RON

    Should I get the dual or tri motor?

    When this question gets asked, I feel the ‘Beast wasn’t enough of a sell (to the OP) on it’s own merit to justify cost, wait, etc. I’d recommend the AWD.
  5. A-AY-RON

    Got VIN assigned today but having 2nd thought...

    Second thoughts for a $120k vehicle would be reason enough to pass it onto the next person. You can request a "hold" and they'll give you 185 days to fulfill order before cancellation. You'd surrender the VIN to the next person waiting but still keep your order.
  6. A-AY-RON

    💥 New Product: CYBERBEAST Cerberus Vanity License Plate

    Here's where I got mine in original size.
  7. A-AY-RON

    Cyberbeast Owner Poll - How Loud Is It?

    I feel mine is loud, though I have no point of reference (first EV).
  8. A-AY-RON

    What are your drive settings?

    Correct, I'm in Off-Road High, which the base height for that mode and isn't speed limited. I'm testing that as I plan to run a large wheel/tire setup in the future. In "On-road" mode, you have Entry, Low, Medium, and High-limited 25mph.
  9. A-AY-RON

    How often did you bother the SC to get an update on your truck’s location?

    I didn't even check the app; they had to text me when VIN was assigned. Assuming they'd expeditiously have me push the "tasks" through, I just waited for them. If your SC is somewhat local, it wouldn't hurt to pay an initial visit just to see what they know.
  10. A-AY-RON

    When will the Foundation Series END?

    The "reservation hold" is known. They will hold your reservation (for whatever reason you have) for 185 days. Your VIN, if assigned, will go to the next person. I would order, have VIN assignment, and THEN request the hold to buy more time. The only caveat is that recently, order-to-VIN...
  11. A-AY-RON

    How often are you washing Cybertruck?

    Haven't washed yet. Took Delivery on 5/2. Rained 13 of the next 15 days. Then went in for service, and currently getting PPF(done) and calipers.
  12. A-AY-RON

    Modified body kit concept by Zephyr

    Well, I already have the wheels for that setup:ROFLMAO:
  13. A-AY-RON

    Usual miles on new CyberTruck?

    Mine was documented at 15 miles, but only had 8 miles at delivery.
  14. A-AY-RON

    Ordered 05/30 and already have a VIN

    A few months ago VIN-to-delivery was roughly 2-3 weeks tops. Recent reportings seem to be around 7-10 days.
  15. A-AY-RON

    CT avoided/ignored by car show organizers

    My delivery location is Tysons VA, servicing DC and Northern VA.
  16. A-AY-RON

    FlexiShield Assassin Red Color Shift PPF wrapped Cybertruck

    That looks good! I just had mine done in STEK Miami Blue; based off of Porsche Miami Blue. Currently getting calipers in Porsche Pastel Orange. What percentages did you use on windshield and roof?