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  1. Gundo

    PowerShare vs $2500 credit?

    I would have them do the assessment - my understanding is that it depends on the version of your Powerwall for the Powershare to seemlessly connect. We just finished the full Powershare install. Was pretty simply given we had Tesla solar and inverter (but no batteries) already.
  2. Gundo

    Card Key melted !

    There was a notice with our Key Card at delivery not to put on phone charger...I wish I took a pic of it. Nothing in the manual that I've seen. Just the piece of paper in the bag with the keys
  3. Gundo

    REACTIONS To Your Cybertruck ?

    We get a ton of reactions everyday here in Connecticut. Like each and every day. And nearly all positive. The odd negative reaction is boomers in beat-up work trucks with Trvmp stickers - they will usually give me the bird or yell something obscene. Whatever. I give them a thumbs-up back...
  4. Gundo

    Energy efficiency at 3000 miles. What's yours?

    1,900 miles 374 wh/mi Mix of in town and highway Delivered May 1 2024 Very happy honestly.
  5. Gundo

    Question for owners: has your Cybertruck been issue / problem free?

    My only problem is that I don't want to drive any other car. It's simply that incredible.
  6. Gundo

    Got my first middle finger

    Almost always a wave, smile and thumbs-up. Lots of pic and video taking, like a real lot. And for the rare somebody who is negative, I just give a smile and thumbs-up in reply
  7. Gundo

    Ghost Cybertruck windshield wiper issue! ongoing 5 months no fix!

    FWIW, no way I'd take a model X over a CT. that's just silly, but to each his own. As for issues, this forum is an absolute magnet for reported issues. And so far, there have been some serious issues, but they appear to be relatively small in number Therefore, claiming a high issue rate is...
  8. Gundo

    Auto a/c

    If only there was a User’s manual.
  9. Gundo

    Wiper wash feature needs to spray both directions.

    Plus one. Could definitely use more fluid on windscreen. We had a long road trip into the woods over weekend. Bugs and dust accumulated and with so little fluid coming out it was hard to get clean. Wound up using a squeegee at the Stewart’s shop we supercharged at.
  10. Gundo

    First Wash and some thoughts/concerns

    I've been handwashing with Griots Best of Show Wash & Wax with a microfiber mitt. Squeegee dry, followed by Griots cotton or microfiber towels. Works wonderfully. Dries really nicely and looks like new. Speaking of OCD, for Cybertruck, it's really nice not to have to worry about scratching...
  11. Gundo

    Delivered but wrist cut injury during delivery + ER visit

    I just went out and rubbed all of my panel edges. They all have an eased edge, almost rounded. Smooth to the touch Not sure how a dull, smooth edge could create a wound like this.
  12. Gundo

    Delivered but wrist cut injury during delivery + ER visit

    I read your description a couple times. How did you go from licking your thumb to severing an artery? And man, very sorry to see this! Just hoping to understand a bit better so we can all avoid this.
  13. Gundo

    3M Brushed Titanium Wrap keeps stainless steel look without fingerprints

    The whole point of stainless is to not have to worry. Embrace the variation in finish of the stainless and overcome your ocd.
  14. Gundo

    Cyberbeast Cybertruck Autocross Attack at Porsche Club (PCA) Event!

    Having done a bunch of these in my 997, I’ve gotta say this is an awesome idea!! Pretty sure there was not a single Porsche at that event with four wheel steering either. It’s gotta make a huge difference. I wonder what your time would be if you deactivated 4WS I wonder how the brakes would...
  15. Gundo

    Dirty Tesla: Breaking my Cybertruck Off-Roading!

    Great video thanks. But "breaking my cybertruck" is a bit of a stretch - it was just your mudguards that got damaged.
  16. Gundo

    Are you ready for "limited" Foundation Series to be done?

    Nobody knows what the option pack for the Foundation Series will cost when the gen pop version is released. Anything written here and elsewhere is pure speculation. FS for the Win.
  17. Gundo

    Convince me that the Gateway install should cost $6,000

    My quote is $4,000 here in Connecticut. There is only one Tesla certified installer for entire State. The install requires replacing my current EVSE home run with an new 75' foot run of 60A MC wire + communication wire in conduit through a mostly open basement ceiling. We have solar via Tesla...
  18. Gundo

    Windshield issues

    It's dirty. Use Invisible Glass with a microfiber cloth, then Invisible Glass with a lint free paper towel. Lint free paper towel is key Works wonders. Takes a couple of times. Get an extension handle with microfiber pad Extendable Windshield cleaner w microfiber pad
  19. Gundo

    Was Unecessarily Afraid of the Squircle and no stalks

    Yep. Love the squirkle- works far better than expected. My sense is that the combo with drive by wire and squirkle makes the magic