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  1. Cboy7

    Cybertruck range while towing is HORRIBLE!

    Yes half is correct for any electric vehicle. For local towing from 120-140 miles, you will be fine. i you need to go further, get a diesel.
  2. Cboy7

    Why Buy a Cybertruck? Share Your Motivation and Use Cases!

    I wanted to tow trailers locally and have a high tech performance car as well
  3. Cboy7

    How do you like these speaker area stainless covers

    dont they hide the blind spot indicator that is integrated in speaker with a red LED?
  4. Cboy7

    Sharkhide metal protectant - another product to deal with fingerprints

    Its not worth it to me... after 6 months you wont care about fingerprints and it will have a nice patina. I'll just wash it for the big fancy date nights with my wife... Its been a huge turn on for her :)
  5. Cboy7

    Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    This whole situation sucks, so sorry to hear you are still dealing with it.
  6. Cboy7

    I just LINE-X'd my Cyberbeast Cybertruck (bed spray liner on bed + rear hatch)

    The floor of the bed is already coated with a linex type material. They dumped concrete blacks into it and it was fine
  7. Cboy7

    How long did it take to recieve your title?

    Mine had a plate attached, and I drove off with it
  8. Cboy7

    PowerShare + Cybertruck saved us a 24 hour power outage

    was there not enough voltage for the AC or you simply didnt want to deplete the batteries?
  9. Cboy7

    How long did it take to recieve your title?

    I picked mine up on the 19th. Thanks for feedback
  10. Cboy7

    Tesla changed the Powershare benefit for FS CT orders - from $4000 credit to $2500 voucher

    Just so everyone knows. You can buy an $18 adapter on amazon and plug the Nema 14-50 in rear truck bed, directly into a generator interlock to power your whole house manually. Save $4000. Typpically its about $800 to install a generator interlock, or do it yourself (carefully)
  11. Cboy7

    Auto a/c

    You can redirect the vents on screen. just direct it lower, not into your face.
  12. Cboy7

    How long did it take to recieve your title?

    I cant find any posts about this? Im in FL. How long did it take to receive your title after delivery?
  13. Cboy7

    AWD Model vs Cyberbeast

    Everyone is different. I was having a hard time deciding but am now super happy with the AWD I got. For me, its crazzzy fast enough. I would launch beast mode a couple times if i had one and then know how that feels and not use it much again.. I would love a ride in a CB but for everyday use...
  14. Cboy7

    $16.99 Fix For Fingerprint-Free Door Closing -- Stick On Door Handle

    Very nice! I got the same ones from amazon. The only thing is, 1 came off so i used double sided gorrilla tape and they work perfect. My rec is to buy 2 sided gorrilla tape right away so you dont have to scrape off the cheap adhesive that comes with it. Also, I had good luck removing those...
  15. Cboy7

    Installed doorhandles to prevent fingerprints

    They dont interfere with the door, but looks like i have to upgrade the doublesided tape to gorrilla tape... is not very grippy
  16. Cboy7

    Installed doorhandles to prevent fingerprints

    Ordered some cabinet door handles on Amazon in order to have something to grab onto the door to close them without touching the outside. it works very well!