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  1. CT CyberTruck wrapped up

    lol. My wife laughed at me as my hands looked like a hamster on a wheel. I laughed too. I couldn’t understand why it felt so ridiculous.
  2. CT CyberTruck wrapped up

    I’ve had my truck for a few weeks and just had the wrap and tint completed. Pure PPF frozen satin black. Looks smoooth. They used 72” roll of 70% on windshield and did an awesome job. 20% windows. Americo and the guys at Get in Detail Southington CT did an awesome job and great to work with. If...
  3. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    Look forward to your video. Can’t be soon enough. FYI, I enjoyed watching your camping and off roading videos. Kudos on the filming and editing.
  4. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    Awesome. Thanks!
  5. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    This is very helpful. So it sounds like I need to keep my service appointment for sure.
  6. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    Hopefully you’re like my wife and completely oblivious to things like this. I am not and it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me with squeaks or rattles.
  7. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    It’s not the seat rubbing. I have a 2016 model S and no ALL too well that issue. I’m nearly positive it’s the rear screen console as i can replicate it if I grab that console and apply slight side to side pressure. VIN is 8800’s
  8. Anyone fixed the interior creak?

    I know I’ve seen a few people with this issue. I’ll start off with, so far my trucks been awesome! No panel gaps yada yada. The one thing that cropped up around 1,000 miles, is a squeak that happens when accel/decelerating or some turns. It sounds like it might be the rear center console. I have...
  9. Pure PPF Satin Stainless Steel Wrap Cybertruck

    I’m glad to hear it’s not a quality issue you were referring to but a company communication issue. I literally dropped my truck off today to be wrapped with pure ppf. For what it’s worth my shop owner was telling me how impressed he was with the communication from them. It’s his first time...
  10. Use Sprayway Glass Cleaner for cleaning fingerprints off Cybertruck stainless steel

    Sprayway is the solution. I keep it under the net in the frunk with a microfiber. It’s so easy to take off fingerprints. One small spray on towel, wipe and buff with the dry side. 20 sec and spotless. Anyone struggling with getting them off, this is the way. Been doing it for 3 weeks now. So...
  11. Ventilated seat Issue?

    I feel the same way. First couple times using it, def felt the air blowing. Never had ventilated seats before. Now, just the noise.
  12. TheSmokingTire - Review of the CT

    Won’t watch it. This Matt dude is an ass clown trying to justify his pompous diatribe on Joe Rogan 4 years ago how the cyber truck could never be built like in that form with that material etc …. He’s a hater. But knows how to get clicks and monetize. Just not on my view. I guess I’ll live...
  13. 113-year-old tower in Death Valley National Park felled by traveler trying to get vehicle out of mud Saw this headline and all I could think is Please don’t let it be a CyberTruck lol. It would seem to be indicated by the MSM over the past 6 mos. that only CyberTrucks get stuck in anything and the drivers are all selfish idiots. It’s insane.
  14. Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    If you text them through the app they should be able to locate your truck and tell you when it is due to be delivered. That’s what they did for me. I never was able to get anyone on a phone call, ever.
  15. Connecticut Cybertrucks?

    It took just under 2 weeks to get the email to pick up. That email gives a 3 day window to pick up. I didn’t see that it said or else… so I don’t know what happens if you need more flexibility. My guess is they would work with you. They are super accommodating there from my experience. I don’t...
  16. Rear screen media cuts out use of front screen music?

    Sorry if this has been discussed. I don’t recall seeing it. I was surprised when my daughter decided to activate Netflix on the rear screen through her earbuds and the rest of the cabin went silent. Is there a setting I need to adjust or does everyone suffer in silence in order for the kids to...
  17. Get the grey interior!

    That was the exterior. Here is the interior
  18. What’s y’all’s response to HOW MUCH DID THAT COST

    This is what I say. And it is accurate. It’s $79,900 to order now DM. No one interested now is going to need to worry about the $20k foundation package.