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  1. Gundo

    Insurance = Easy

    Lots of FUD about insurance for the CT Everyone's case is different I suppose But I called GEICO to add the CT to our policy Took 5 minutes, will cost $160/mo with $2k deductible After hearing all of this insurance FUD, I wanted to post my own experience, hopefully put some at ease p.s. the...
  2. Gundo

    Powershare site inspection - some observations

    RN112794xxx Config date: 1/25/24 No Vin yet Thought I'd share some observations from my Powershare site inspection this morning. This company is the only one permitted to install Powershare in state of Connecticut They've been overwhelmed by Tesla lately - sending them lots of jobs to quote...
  3. Gundo

    My Powershare Approved

    Just got my email from Tesla, Powershare approved. Put in contact with a Tesla certified installer for Connecticut Which is honestly one of the reasons I pulled trigger on FS in first place. Current setup at our home - Tesla solar, Solaredge Inverter, backup gas fired generator and 50 amp...
  4. Gundo

    Help. Why not the Rivian?

    I’m an early reservation holder, around 50k. Live in Connecticut so nowhere close to CA or TX. I’ve been a happy waiter, like so many. Have a model Y, have a couple power walls and a solar array. So I get it, mostly. And I watch these threads closely. But with low range expectations and our...