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  1. Saskateam

    Wire Eating Rats

    We use these sonic mouse deterrent at work and they do work great.
  2. Saskateam

    T-slots in bed of vault

    Even if it is waterproof at the time of construction it may not stay that way. It does have underbed storage and frunk that are easier to make and keep waterproof.
  3. Saskateam

    T-slots in bed of vault

    Set up like loading a quad and then pressure wash. Use the built in air compressor and blow out the channel you need to tie down too. I don’t think it will be to bad to deal with.
  4. Saskateam

    Cybertruck interior color and quality

    I use the 120v plug in my vehicle all the time. Charge my computer and kids game systems. I have even ran a palm sander with it on a public bench I built. I really hope there is a 120v plug in the cab.
  5. Saskateam

    New feature ideas

    Exposure does not directly equate to increased risk. Likelyhood and severity are better measures of risk. I drive 50,000km a year for work, have done so for 15 years. My driving record is clean and at fault accident free. I have been backed into 2 time by people who drive a small amount...
  6. Saskateam

    Poll: Are You Replacing an ICE Truck With Your Cybertruck?

    How useful will the CT be for bringing wine home. Locked vault with climate control. Keep it the right temp and it will be ready to drink as soon as you get home.
  7. Saskateam

    Vandalism concerns

    And in a small town everyone knows everyone and their business. You cannot get away with anything in a small town.
  8. Saskateam

    Cybertruck shell...what will you choose?

    Yes a wrap will stick to stainless. It will not adhere to a polished stainless steel as well as the rougher stainless steel.
  9. Saskateam

    Wire Eating Rats

    I agree rats can be a problem for any vehicle. What do the legacy auto makers do about the rat issues? The skateboard platform is already better than an ICE vehicle for keeping the rodents out, not perfect though. I am not sure about the exoskeleton for keeping them out and if they do get into...
  10. Saskateam

    Screaming into the Cyber void

    Maybe while in cybernation, you could be wired into the Tesla system and be a part of the AI machine learning. Then you become a cyberorg. Actually I think this is how the Matrix started. When it is time for delivery you have to choose the red pill or the blue pill.
  11. Saskateam

    Musk: Production Cybertruck Will Look Better Than Concept and Feature Advanced Towing Software

    It is the side mirrors that are my concern for light pollution. The rear view mirror can be dimmed but the I have 2 side mirrors that shine in my eyes and I cannot dim these mirrors. The screens can be dimmed to avoid this and only go into the eyes when I look at them. Where I live we can be...
  12. Saskateam

    Screaming into the Cyber void

    If you hear an echo it is not really an echo, it just takes a long time for sound to travel from my screams.
  13. Saskateam

    Musk: Production Cybertruck Width to be 82" and Come Standard With Upper Laser Blade Lights

    I hope the front light can be left as is and software control the 2 separate lights
  14. Saskateam

    New feature ideas

    Getting in and out of the bed is one concern the other is how to pay for it and will it be a worthwhile investment. With the charging infrastructure getting better and the wild lands getting to be less wild. Power is almost everywhere of a short detour to power. A 240v adaptor will be more...
  15. Saskateam

    Robo Taxi - When?

    More Teslas on the road means more machine learning that can occur. In the warm south where winter driving conditions occur I think the robotaxi fleet has a chance sooner. The amount of Tesla’s there also helps. Tesla will be able to get near real time driving data to help run the robotaxi along...
  16. Saskateam

    Cybertruck is the best family car you can buy. Will it be your family vehicle?

    I agree with all of the points. My wife is excited about the features and still says its ugly. Cannot make everyone happy.
  17. Saskateam

    Robotaxi Cybertruck fleet with Income Generation Purpose?

    I don’t think the robotaxi industry will be huge we’re I live however if I can rent it out either as a taxi or on Turo enough to pay for the electricity usage I have that would be nice.