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  1. Rivian R2 Reveal w/ R3 and R3X Surprises! $45K, 0-60 >3 seconds, 300+ miles range, NACS port, 4695 batteries

    I think Rivian hit it out of the park with the R2 and R3. Have my reservation in for the R2. How in the world did they manage to keep the R3 and R3X a complete surprise. That's like impossible these days! BTW, saw this photo earlier today... gloss black Cybertruck crashing the R2/R3 reveal 🤣
  2. Ford NACS Adapter Released w/ Access to Tesla Superchargers Now

    Looks like Ford has released their NACS Adapter, plus access to Tesla Superchargers.
  3. Cybertruck vs. 911 Turbo S drag race (Throttle House) [Update: Cybertruck was software limited 112mph top speed]

    Updated with more info on this Cybertruck (posted by @Cyberbestia) This is a regular Cybertruck, running Cyberbeast software with manufacturer plates and was being used by several influencers at GigaTexas. It was limited by software to a top speed of 112 mph, which is why all the bells were...
  4. Rivian CEO Doesn’t Think Cybertruck Will Lure Away R1T Customers... Agree / Disagree?

    Rivian's CEO RJ Scaringe explains why he's not too worried about the Cybertruck, as he explained in this interview with The Verge. "If you were to think of, like, the Venn diagrams of [Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck] customers, there's probably not a lot of overlap." He goes on to explain: the...