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  1. cyberbear

    48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    I don’t get the 48 V architecture. Will it make my headlights brighter or my stereo sound better ?? The world is set up for 12 V. That means all the accessories are 12 V all the stereo equipment is 12 V everything Electrical is 12 V .I don’t understand what Tesla’s doing ?What does 48 V do for...
  2. cyberbear

    Charging scheduled time slots

    wouldn’t that be great if it could .it knows where you’re going ,knows when you’re gonna be getting there ,so all you have to do is get there on time and drive into the charging lot and there’s a spot waiting for you. Come on Tesla . Especially if Elon opens up the charging stations to the...
  3. cyberbear

    Charging scheduled time slots

    i’m planning a trip, can I schedule a charging time slot at most charging stations?
  4. cyberbear

    The white neutral wire

    Thank you thank you you guys are on top of this
  5. cyberbear

    The white neutral wire

    Sorry I meant to also ask about how do I change my profile name from Barry to cyberbear. I have tried without success ,can someone help
  6. cyberbear

    The white neutral wire

    As I’m an electrician I intend to install my own Tesla charger. Does the charger require the white as a neutral or is it strictly 220 this will save me on size of Hole (smaller cable )I have to core through concrete.
  7. cyberbear

    Trying to get ahead of delivery -- home charger questions

    Looking forward to when I get my tri motor. I’m trying to get a head start,and maybe do the charger now. But I don’t know what the size of the battery pack is yet. I will do most of my charging at home over night.What is the most common size breaker that is bring used for the larger battery...