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  1. flyinglow

    Superchargers “open to NACS”

    Basically, V3, V4 (dispensers) and Magic Dock superchargers can be used by non-Tesla vehicles in addition to Tesla vehicles (if you have adaptor or NACS port) . In theory, the vehicle has to have been approved to use them but there have been cases of non-approved vehicles charging with an...
  2. flyinglow

    PowerShare amp limit reduction

    If I remember, the DC from the vehicle to the house is 11.5 kW/48 amp. Your 100 amp garage panel can handle that on a 60 A breaker. Just set the AC charging to 48 A, which is plenty since it will charge from zero to full in less than 11 hours and, in normal use, you would only need a few hours.
  3. flyinglow

    Charge on Solar now enabled for Cybertruck

    Depends on state/utility. If you have TOU (time of use) rates you are correct. It makes more sense financially to sell power to the utility at high rates and recharge at lower rates. However, TOU peak rates don't generally start until mid to late afternoon, so you can solar charge up until then.
  4. flyinglow

    Does anyone have their Cybertruck connected to their powerwall and confirmed it works?

    From days in solar industry have seen a couple of homes with 3 phase but they were running hefty commercial loads for their shops (oh, to have that kind of money). As long as you have single phase you shouldn't have any issues. Tesla won't be the only source for the necessary equipment but...
  5. flyinglow

    Charge Curve for big 2024.14.3 update

    Nice improvement. Hope to see more. Would anyone with the update confirm this for us? Hopefully, Out of Spec will get the update and revise their chart.
  6. flyinglow

    Charge Curve for big 2024.14.3 update

    Out of Spec has done this for numerous vehicles including the EV pickups: The Silverado EV blows everyone away at this point.
  7. flyinglow

    Out the Window: More Superchargers locations & V4 for overlanding with Cybertruck - Tesla's Biggest Fumble

    Not necessarily, according to one of their vendor's statement. However, you have a point. They may have met the requirements of the grant. My point is more general. The Supercharger network still needs work (such as V4 dispensers without V4 cabinets) and several automakers are still in the...
  8. flyinglow

    Out the Window: More Superchargers locations & V4 for overlanding with Cybertruck - Tesla's Biggest Fumble

    Agree with everything in the video. The only thing not discussed was Tesla taking $17 million in taxpayer funds and then flipping us off by eliminating its Supercharger team. Elon is a classic example of how someone can be a genius while at the same time being an idiot and a miserable example...
  9. flyinglow

    Tesla Powershare Install, why add an extra load center and why so big?

    Typically, the extra load center is for isolating the circuits that are backed up. CT will send a max 11.5 kW/47.5A @ 240V to the house which may not be sufficient for all house loads so critical loads are moved to the new, back-up load center.
  10. flyinglow

    Almost Two Hours From 3 - 100 For First Time Charging At 250 KW SuperCharger Station.

    %; Check out this comparison of charging curves developed by Out of Spec. Click to select only trucks. As of now, the CT charging curve nose dives after about 29% state of charge. The Out of Spec people have a CyberBeast and have developed a charging procedure for the shortest time to cover...
  11. flyinglow

    Wall Connector vs Powershare capable Universal Wall Connector

    True, compared to the PowerWall, the CT's battery is huge. That is exactly why I want to use it to generate revenue/credits on my electric bill. However, it is the smallest of the EV pickups and so won't be able to generate quite as much. Also, at the moment, Tesla's system doesn't actually...
  12. flyinglow

    Tesla Powershare Home Backup Installation For $9,082.00 In FV SoCal For My AWD: Too Much?

    Was in the solar business for over a decade. Given that labor rates companies charge these days have often doubled from my time, $9k including a panel upgrade and what sounds like moving some loads to a subpanel is high but not unreasonable. However, there is a lot you haven't said about your...
  13. flyinglow

    Wall Connector vs Powershare capable Universal Wall Connector

    From available information, it seems PowerShare only works as backup when your utility power is down. What I want is the ability with the large battery pack I already paid for when I bought the truck to "peak shave" where you send power to your house each day during the hours of more expensive...