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  1. 3M Brushed Metallic Titanium Wrap Installed

    It's not crazy bad, just certain light points
  2. 3M Brushed Metallic Titanium Wrap Installed

    Texture vinyls are a little finicky with orientation. So if you don't follow the roll direction along with the panels they can look a little different. Only noticed it on the driver's door. Might not be as bad in person.
  3. 3M Brushed Metallic Titanium Wrap Installed

    Looks good, but they seemed to have inverted or mixed up the order of the driver side door panel.
  4. CyberSquire Woodie Wrap!

    Why would they not follow the body lines?
  5. Polished Cybertruck is stunning mirror in motion 🤩😎

    Most states have statutes against excessively reflective tint, mainly attached to the windows. However they often extend to all vehicle surfaces. YMMV
  6. Beast custom printed wrap (Cerberus graphic) White 3M base and red painted calipers

    For being a wrap with logos plastered on it, you'd think they could have gone to the trouble of matching the tailgate to the side graphics.
  7. OMG, move over wraps.... Here come Cybertruck Tattoos

    I was hoping this was a thread about laser etching on SS. 😬
  8. Rusted Out Cybertruck

    Can't wait to see what it looks like after being wrapped.
  9. Shark Mouth P-51 Mustang Bomber custom wrap & modified Cybertruck (CyberBeast) by Unplugged Performance 🫡

    Gonna be a debbie downer. Missed opportunity to make a super graphic, instead of doing the eye on the doors, it should have been part of the a pillar window, and that would make the teeth much bigger going from window sill to floorboards. Other wise looks really dope.
  10. Guy almost rips panel off Cybertruck.

    It's clips and vhb tape. I'm sad at the click bait title. I wanted to see someone pulling off the rear quarter panel. :mad:
  11. Wrapped and tinted my CyberTruck -- 3M 2080 Brushed Black Metallic & Ceramic Tint

    The least they could have done is ghost the logo. Better have been a MASSIVE discount for that white vinyl.
  12. 🔴 Iron Man's Cybertruck 📐 FIRST RED WRAP! ⬇️ 100000% NOT CGI

    That top peak on the fenders really stands out. Shoulda kept them flat.
  13. 🔴 Iron Man's Cybertruck 📐 FIRST RED WRAP! ⬇️ 100000% NOT CGI

    They like how it looks for themselves, AND they don't like people bothering them. What's the confusion?