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  1. Cebliminal

    Elon puts in an offer to buy ALL of Twitter. [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    I thought this is Cybertruck owners club, I don’t care what Elon does outside of Cybertruck he needs to put all focus on the CYBERTRUCK because at this point he is looking bad every other mfg is going to beat him out of the box. Teslas are top of the line or are they?
  2. Cebliminal

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk mocks UAW, slams union over corruption

    Elon better watch out messing with unions he could end up like Hoffa
  3. Cebliminal

    protestors outside fremont factory

    Also it’s funny in Alabama we have the following car manufacturers. Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota and Mazda and we have no UNIONS here and all Employees make a solid wage and have a comprehensive package And all are happy and proud to be working.
  4. Cebliminal

    protestors outside fremont factory

    I support the hell out of Elon and Tesla. If the employees don’t feel safe And then stand outside and protest it does not make sense. I know what the problem is if they go back to work they don’t get the State unemployment and federal unemployment To sit on their asses. And if you don’t want to...