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  1. Why has my battery not lasted?

    I don't understand all I know about EVs but this might be a clue. Aptera just released some info about their 40KW battery. It is rated at 43 KW but the max output appears to be limited to 41KW. This would give about a 5% cushion even if the battery was charged to the max every time. Perhaps...
  2. General Motors has a solution for our crappy EV charging infrastructure

    It took 17 minutes to give us about 1 minute worth of information. Tip don't run your car down so that you only have 12 miles of range left over.
  3. Stealing EV charging cables - a growing trend

    I have always wondered why ATMs don't have a cell phone, GPS and a battery inside them. When thieves used a pickup or backhoe or something to pry an ATM loose the police would get a call. "I am the ATM located at 84th and Park Drive. I have been stolen and am being taken north on 84th and am...
  4. Australian scientists to power Tesla on 15,000-km trip with printed solar panels

    I don't think that 18 square meters of solar makes only 1.2KWH per day. Of course, if it did then I would not be excited about it. I am already excited about the CT and the Aptera. At my age I can only get excited about so much! If this stuff is half as good as the stuff on the Aptera it...
  5. Surprised no one has posted this nasty April Fools article yet. Actually got me for a second

    They are closely related to the people who come down out of the mountains after the battle and bayonet the wounded. They helped kill the Elio and are doing their best to do the same thing to the Aptera. The CT is pretty safe.
  6. The end will come with a whimper not a bang

    [ I’m in Oregon. Logging is everywhere. They set up a logging operation on the side of a mountain serviced by forest roads. The only way they are going to be able to service the equipment up there with power is if they run a temporary power line up the mountain. Those things might have...
  7. If you could request three factory add-ons, what would they be?

    When I thought I was going to get an Elio I suggested that the company give owners a batch of small cards that had answers to common questions, a web address and phone #. My Elio never happened but I was not discouraged. I made the same suggestion to Aptera and Tesla. I like to shoot the bull...
  8. How to interpret this "cold call" email from Tesla?

    I tried a suppository once. For all the good it did I might as well have stuck it up my ass
  9. How to interpret this "cold call" email from Tesla?

    My first EV. They intend to deliver their first few lAutoCycles this year (2022). If the CT is the truck of the future the Aptera is the commuter vehicle and the RV dingy of the future.
  10. How to interpret this "cold call" email from Tesla?

    I think it is the latter. There are a lot of people who don't have the cash for a new Tesla but want one really bad.
  11. A tent for an Aptera

    A number of people on this forum have a reservation in for an Aptera as well as a CT. I intend to get both and use the Aptera as a dingy. When I camp I can leave the CT plugged in to an outlet and run errands and sightseen in the Aptera. It charges from the sun so a 10 or 20 mile trip to the...
  12. What are you going to get while you wait?

    You can get $30 bucks off your reservation deposit at the present time. I would put down a deposit right now if there was any chance you will end up buying an aptera. If you got in now it would still be a year or more before you got yours. I have a deposit on a CT and an Aptera. My aptera...
  13. What are you going to get while you wait?

    I already have the guns and ammo so I can shoot myself for free. 70+ mph on a unicycle? This is a joke, right?
  14. What are you going to get while you wait?

    I drive a Dodge diesel and I figured that changing to a CT would be like being able to buy diesel fuel for less than $.80 a gallon. I was excited! Then I looked at the Aptera and found that driving it would be like being able to fuel a 30MPG ICE for less than $.15 a gallon. Way less, because...
  15. Bollinger bites the dust

    I have changed my mind and think a better use of $125K would be a top of the line CT and Aptera and a set of solar panels and a Powerwall. I might just get off the grid since you can charge the Aptera from the CT and visa versa.
  16. Bollinger bites the dust

    For the price of a Bollinger you could buy a CT and 2 Apteras!
  17. I-95 Highway traffic jam

    If the 120V outlet is available in the cab, as it should be, one of those heated throws or a twin size electric blanket would be just the ticket. You can buy them in the spring for $30 or so and they draw about 40 or 50 watts. During the entire traffic jam you could keep warm for a kilowatt or...
  18. [Video] Finnish Man Passes on Paying $22,600 to Replace His Tesla's Battery, Blows Up Car Instead

    It all boils down to a single misspelled word. It should have read Foolish man instead of Finnish man.