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  1. Saskateam

    New Cybertruck & Roadster 3d animation

    Looks like they had trouble staying in the land just like Elon did coming out of the restaurant.
  2. Saskateam

    "Tesla Cybertruck" look alike makes live appearance at Esports event

    Really interesting to see the shot of the CT from the front and passenger tire.
  3. Saskateam

    Check out Elon's Cybershoes and Cyberjacket!

    Instead of a Tesla hat they could give us a pair of these shoes. (I know they don’t throw in any swag when you buy from them)
  4. Saskateam

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    I really think Tesla will build a cybercar or cybervan but only as a robotaxi. I think the CT is to break into a new market and normalize the style and then put out more of a utilitarian people hauler for their taxi fleet.
  5. Saskateam

    Check out Elon's Cybershoes and Cyberjacket!

    I wonder if the shoes made him stand that way. They do not look comfortable.
  6. Saskateam

    Amazing Back to the Future Remake Featuring Tesla Cybertruck is a Must See!!

    Is it crazy that I had to watch it twice to see the Cybertruck? The mind sees what it wants to see. Really well done.
  7. Saskateam

    Funny Cybertruck memes, images, videos 🤣

    That is low to the ground in comparison. It will be like getting into a car.
  8. Saskateam

    Video: Cybertruck being followed by Model X

    This looks to be at the reveal event. Where are the spy videos and random people spotting it testing. We need more content. I am getting antsy.
  9. Saskateam

    Good video of CT at the unveiling

    This has a lot of video of the clay model and CT driving. High resolution and good low light quality camera.
  10. Saskateam

    Cybertruck Sightings in the Wild

    Not on Twitter yet. Timeline for when it was spotted? I did see someone built a 1-1 size functional version in 29 days.
  11. Saskateam

    Look how good Cybertruck looks with blacked-out bed top

    I am really liking the brushed ss look and design as time goes on. I am not going to wrap it or paint it. Hiding the sail in black does not hide it on the road only in the pictures of it with the black background. I don’t think people will like it as much once they see the black sail in real...
  12. Saskateam

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    If it was not the round rendering it would be nicer.
  13. Saskateam

    89 photos Motor Trend

    Not many of the pictures show the pillar storage. I have not seen a picture of the passenger side pillar storage.
  14. Saskateam

    Funny Cybertruck memes, images, videos 🤣

    It looks too mainstream. I like it but it does not have the same effect as the CT.
  15. Saskateam

    Cybertruck test ride videos

    They are using 3mm cold rolled steel for the exoskeleton. The frame can be the same 30X stainless steel just not cold rolled (work hardened) and thinner so it would stamp.
  16. Saskateam

    TMZ video: Musk drives the Cybertruck

    Not used to the tires sticking out past the vehicle body. It happens some times with our Jeep too. The hub caps are going to be damaged a lot by people not understanding this and hitting tires on the curb.