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  1. Charger install?

    You’re only going to be able to charge at 32 amps with that plug. What you have coming is 48 amp charge rate.
  2. 4680 charging issues???

    I’m choosing to not learn any of this but from the conversation it sounds like the chart could have been done better.
  3. 4680 charging issues???

    Isn’t it possible they’re keeping it limited until they have more data from the fleet on the battery pack cycles and will in the future allow faster charge rates via OTA? My guess is they’re going to tinker around with it until they find the sweet spot of longevity vs charge rate.
  4. Is Tesla keeping up with Porsche and Toyota batteries?

    The company that said BEV is not the way to go and that hydrogen is better or a PHEV. Yeah they got the battery tech coming out any minute now.
  5. Cybertruck L2 Charging -> Tesla Gen 4 80amp Wall Connector

    I work with new construction and my builder has 200 amp service on 1557 sq ft houses with over half the panel not utilized. That’s also the only way I’m seeing it built in North Texas. Maybe other parts of the country are different.
  6. Faster Tesla Wall Connector for the Cybertruck?

    Same, I was always hoping to see that and planned for it. That’s why I’ve used mobile connector 100% of the time since I got my M3 and didn’t buy the wall connector. Reading so many people say that V2H would eat into power wall sales that would keep Tesla from doing it has put a damper on the...
  7. Faster Tesla Wall Connector for the Cybertruck?

    If I were to place a bet I’d expect 80 amps for 19.2 kw draw with a new version of the wall connector. Cadillac Lyriq is the only one I know off the top of my head that offers that as an option and that’s for a 102 kw battery. Guessing a 400 wh/mi usage that puts it at a charge speed of 48 mph...
  8. WAL-MART expands THOUSANDS of Ev charging stations

    According to a tweet I saw from sawyer 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Wal Mart. Get some of that Great Value electricity.
  9. 48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    Remember when the model S was new and they didn’t have a 12v battery and this guy left his car until the battery drained 100% and bricked and couldn’t charge again and the battery pack had to be replaced? That’s why they have a regular car battery. The 48v is just modernizing with the times. We...
  10. 48v Battery for Cybertruck!

    In all my other cars the power outlets have been capped at 400w. Does this mean we might get a 1600w so I can power standard household appliances? I’m not saying I’ve always wanted to use an air fryer on the way home from the grocery store but maybe I want to eat some ragoons before I get back.
  11. Voting For New Tesla Supercharger Locations is Now Open

    They did, with pre-orders. That’s why single got pushed back and Tri moved up.