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  1. Jacksonville Cybertruck owners/future owners chime in

    Mine is sitting in Jacksonville rail yard. Should be coming to Tampa tomorrow. Not sure about delivery date yet but should be close now!
  2. Anybody in Tampa?

    Sorry to hear about the Cybertruck accident in Tampa. I hope it gets fixed soon. Does it belong to someone on this forum?
  3. South Florida Orders

    You ordered Beast or AWD? My invitation said late 24, So went with AWD (Apr-June)
  4. Anybody in Tampa?

    Congratulations!!! How did the delivery go?
  5. FPL Evolution and PowerShare

    Unfortunately , my area falls under TECO. Its a good deal.
  6. Anybody in Tampa?

    Yes, Let's plan for meetups! Did anyone get email for PowerShare home survey? I'm in the process of buying a house in next couple of months and not sure if postponing the survey will delay the delivery in any manner. Hopefully not!
  7. Anybody in Tampa?

    Thank you! Very excited.... Did you get your VIN?
  8. Anybody in Tampa?

    Please keep us posted. I'm not sure about wrap yet but Tint would be my first priority as summer is coming.
  9. Anybody in Tampa?

    Got invitation today and reserved AWD FS
  10. Anybody in Tampa?

    Valrico/Brandon area, Ordered Trimotor/FSD on Nov 24, 2019! RN1129xxxxxx!