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  1. Cebliminal

    More 2025 Fisker Alaska specs released: 340 miles range, 3.9s 0-60 mph, 208.8 inch length

    Fisker is looking real good, and a great price point. It’s like Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox all will catch up to Tesla and probably be better in the near future . Just look inside the Alaska it’s sexy. The minimalist Cybertruck is starting to remind me of a stainless steel coffin. Elon took...
  2. Cebliminal

    CNBC: "Who will win the EV pickup truck race?" - Cybertruck vs Rivian vs Hummer

    I don’t see Tesla dominating their production is to slow but maybe 10 years from now
  3. Cebliminal

    CNBC: "Who will win the EV pickup truck race?" - Cybertruck vs Rivian vs Hummer

    I think it will boil down to who can produce their pickup first and who has the fastest production they are all spec wise not so far apart
  4. Cebliminal

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Please let me know the name of the insurance company. (I believe it has something to do with states that don’t have a lot of Tesla’s, in Alabama where I currently live There are less than 500 I believe it’s like also I listen to the all Tesla podcast (Ride The Lightning) a lot of Tesla owners...
  5. Cebliminal

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    Also maintenance and up keep most of the vehicles I have bought I have just had to change the oil and the dealers take care of the first 10. And tires I have had to pay for and I’m reading the tires on an EV WONT LAST AS LONG. And it looks like the auto insurance on the cybertruck will trump...
  6. Cebliminal

    F150 Powerboost Hybrid

    I am still Cybertruck, but I like what ford is doing up to 700 miles on a tank of fuel with a lot of accessories in the 30k-70k range. Cybertruck will be my first EV dual motor at 50k with no upgrades Yet and a 300 mile range it just seems restricted. I can fill a fuel tank in 10 minutes and...
  7. Cebliminal

    My comparison of Jeep Gladiator & Model Y vs. the Cybertruck

    I have had many jeeps, my experience they ride like crap worse after a lift and large tires. They have no horse power I have put V-8’s in 3 of my jeeps which made it funner for off rode but on the highway they beat you up Rough ride and are noisy. I need more amenities horse power and comfort...
  8. Cebliminal

    Cybertruck vs Humvee (HMMWV)

    I’m concerned about the wow factor with My new CT here in Alabama. From what I can gather there will only be a handful of them in the state for a while. I just figure everyone is going to have to touch it whenever parked. Looking is ok, just don’t touch.