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  1. TyPope

    Cybertruck OWNERS List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    Well, it was the 12,4xxth AWD made...
  2. TyPope

    VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Beast order AWD? Chesapeake Beach, MD CT Beast for me! RN 113344xxx... Awaiting VIN
  3. TyPope

    How to tell what # in production you are based on vin?

    The logistics section (people at the service center who track shipments) can look up your VIN. If you don't have a VIN, your truck hasn't been made. When you DO have a VIN, the last 6 digits are the sequence number of Cybertruck that yours is. 000001 is the first one, 019888 is the 19,888th...
  4. TyPope

    How to tell what # in production you are based on vin?

    Either call your Logistics section of your SC or scroll around on here and find someone with a VIN really close to yours and estimate.
  5. TyPope

    After Placing Order How Often Are You Checking For VIN?

    Then, clicking on "Manage Order", I get this: The only link there is "Cancel Order" and there's no way in hell I'm hitting that link.
  6. TyPope

    After Placing Order How Often Are You Checking For VIN?

    LOL... any change in the App or Email that is from Tesla does that. For what it's worth, I never had an edit button.
  7. TyPope

    Should I get the dual or tri motor?

    My 2 cents... Not that anybody asked me. If you are like me in that you have waited over 4 years to own the fastest truck/most capable Tesla there is, and can afford it, get the Beast. Don't care about acceleration? Get the AWD. Resale isn't going to be a good reason to buy the Beast (or...
  8. TyPope

    Change to White interior today (in Maryland), VIN in 5mins and delivery on friday

    How do you change your order? I have "Cancel order" as my only choice. Beast, Grey, AT
  9. TyPope

    Just received trade in offer - Is CT VIN imminent?

    What he said. Plus, the trade-in offer will most likely expire if you are a Beast order.
  10. TyPope

    we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    Your assumption is that CT production will no increase? They are already able to produce 1,000 per week per Tesla. They'll be at 2,000 per week by October at the latest unless something goes wrong with production. Watch and see.
  11. TyPope

    Cyberbeast waiting room

    Lucky sonofabitch. LOL Congrats!
  12. TyPope

    Tesla deleting reservations if FS invite ignored?

    It might be kept because the person reserved A Cybertruck but not necessarily the most expensive Cybertruck. They should be allowed to put together a non-Foundation series truck someday.
  13. TyPope

    I have a VIN!!!.....but Tesla changed me to white interior.

    I think you'll have to hit the Review button. While reviewing, you should be able to make a change. But, don't take my word. I broke a shoelace this morning.
  14. TyPope

    I’m RN# 11323XXX My place in line is 495,744. How is this possible? Is everyone cancelling?

    Imagine you’re hanging out with Rick Astley, and you decide to ask him for a copy of the movie “Up.” However, Rick Astley cannot give you the movie because he’s never gonna give you Up. But by not giving you “Up,” he is effectively letting you down. The Rick Astley paradox
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    1. AWB or Cyberbeast configuration 2. White or grey interior accent 3. All Terrain or All Season tires 4. Cash or Financing I think that's it.
  16. TyPope

    Maryland VIN Assigned

    How long after configuring did you start setting up the site visit? I don't have a VIN yet.
  17. TyPope

    Cyberbeast waiting room

    Configured mine yesterday. Still no VIN today... That's one whole day... Any minute now... any minute... Ugh... still no VIN... any minute now...
  18. TyPope

    VIN for wrong Configuration!

    I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of communication I get from them. Sometimes, I have to shut my phone off so I don't get those annoying updates, "Sir, your truck is being built." "Sir, your truck is enroute for an estimated arrivale time delide
  19. TyPope

    📊 Cybertruck SUBMITTED ORDERS Tracking List & Stats [Add Yours!]

    Ordered (and put on the spreadsheet). Beast... They now offer a choice of Tactical grey or white as well as AT or AW tires. Sigh... I'd love the range but I just can't stomach the look of the AW tires... I waffled a little and my wife said "Get what you want. It's not like we need 300 miles...
  20. TyPope

    Maryland VIN Assigned

    Have any of my Maryland brothers had Tesla check them out for the installation of powershare? Plus, what's the timeline for them to come out? I know it's different per area but there can't be a ton of Tesla certified installers in the area.