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  1. anionic1

    Foundation Series production ending soon? Not according to Tesla Cybertruck Vehicle Program Manager Siddhant Awasthi

    There isn’t a huge market for people that can afford a $110k+ vehicle. I stopped keeping track but they were very quickly moving through the reservations and the order rate was pretty low even for the very early reservations. It will all depend on how much they ramp up production. They could...
  2. anionic1

    Why I Said No

    Trucks make up something like 3x the next vehicle type in sales in the U.S. and Tesla has many factories making the 3 and Y with huge volume production. And Tesla is learning a big lesson right now with over production and economic swings. I don’t personally see why they would be eager to ramp...
  3. anionic1

    Sold my house and living in my Cybertruck!

    Hopefully it doesn’t depreciate and knock you out of the housing market
  4. anionic1

    What are teenagers problems with Cybertruck?

    Probably because watching someone drive around a $100k vehicle while they are trying to figure out how to pay for college and barely afford to rent a room somewhere or live with their parents until they are 30+. And a lot of Elons comments and representation of Tesla have really put the next...
  5. anionic1

    Post FS Ordering - end of invitations?

    Coworker just got his FS CT. its sitting in our parking lot right now and my jealousy bubbleth over. He said he is in the 1100 range for the VIN number. I don't know if that helps at all to get an idea of where they are with actual deliveries.
  6. anionic1

    Why aren't you accepting the Foundation Series invitation?

    It really doesn't make sense why they would be skipping people. maybe they don't have the locations in their account etc. i am 11284xxxx and i got the invite last week. i think i ordered the day after it was around the 24 hr mark.
  7. anionic1

    Why aren't you accepting the Foundation Series invitation?

    Tesla is hurting right now and frankly Elon is sort of being a jerk and not helping the cause in my opinion. I wouldnt be surprised if they push the FS series only sales as far as they can without major backlash. IMO thats at least a year. They seem to be working through FS invites at a rate of...
  8. anionic1

    Foundation Series skipper waiting room.

    I got the invite today. 11284xxxx. I am working on building a rental house. Gotta focus on those appreciating assets first.
  9. anionic1

    Getting cold feet. Vin Assigned, pickup anyday. What to do?

    Seems obvious. He’s been waiting for a CT for 4 years
  10. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    When you don't factor cost in this all makes sense. Yes, you can extend the range of the AWD but you will be at about 100% more than the initial price advertised. Anything is possible at a price. So you can't really exclude that from the conversation. And i don't see anywhere on that screenshot...
  11. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    I get it. That 30% of power from regen braking means that probably about 40% of the battery was depleted to get that 30% back. There is always a net loss. So people stating that somehow this 70 mph long trip and range reduction to 250 miles was somehow caused by the lack of regen are just wrong...
  12. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    And with my family, that break inevitably lasts an hour so that should be a decent amount of charge.
  13. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    I know a lot of people in CA that are not happy with range. Our main office is 80 miles from many of our jobsites and often with meetings at multiple sites the range is quickly depleted. One friend lives in oceanside and drives up near LA for windshield repairs and he is constantly charging but...
  14. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    range anxiety. its a diagnosable illness now.
  15. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    That B2 is IMO probably the coolest truck ever if they can actually get it to production.
  16. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    But there is something to be said about a company advertising "estimated" ranges and almost zero percent of their vehicles ever actually get that range. I am an estimator by profession. I have to get within 2-3 percent of my estimates or I basically fail. Tesla has a vast pool of data and really...
  17. anionic1

    Foundation Series Remorse

    But my grandparents drove 5 hours in a blizzard uphill both ways to get to school! without heated seats!
  18. anionic1

    Why I don't feel Cybertruck is a work truck? It is more like a utility truck

    we weren't talking about the aluminum casting of the CT. We were talking about aluminum body trucks. where the truck bed and body are aluminum. I hope the CTs do stand the test of time and show that they are as durable or more durable than a typical steel frame design. I recall Elon discussing...