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    Congrats! Enjoy!
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    If one of you were on 494 heading west on Thursday evening, near Woodbury, thank you for passing by! I hate to say it, but you inspired a dream last night, of driving in my CT. How is everyone’s experience so far, for those that have gotten it?
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    Congrats @Pulaski! Hope to see you on the roads! I have yet to make it up there to sit in the one they have on the floor, but am excited for them to eventually get to the non-foundations, so I can replace this Model 3!
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    Woodbury CT, I see you, and you’re glorious.
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    Just saw one in Woodbury, so I suspect one of those got picked up!
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    Super excited for those getting VINs! Cannot wait to see you all driving around. I'm going to be making a stop in Maplewood as they now have a CT you can sit in, with more space than EP. Hoping this time next year they let us non-Foundation folks start ordering.
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    Congrats! looking forward to hearing one of you getting yours! Can’t wait to hopefully see one of you guys driving around town. It’ll tide me over until next year. Haha. let us know how it goes!
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    Congrats on the order! Very exciting! My wife came with to see it, and I spent the entire drive home mentally justifying getting the foundation. We just had a little one in December, so the more prudent thing to do for me is wait for non-foundation haha. Can’t wait to see you driving around...
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    I’ve been able to configure one for a few weeks now, but I can’t stomach the price for the founders. So in my app it sits
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    Yep, I went and saw it yesterday. It’s crammed in there, and you can only view it from the one side. Still great to be able to see it in person.
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    I want it even more than I did before, and my wife really wants me to get it, despite price being well beyond what we intended to spend. I was always targeting a Dual Motor, and the range specs match what I’d be looking for. Just a matter of what finances look like when my number comes up.
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    Are you a CyberTruck reservation holder who made multiple reservations and why?

    I have two reservations, both in the 8k range on RN#, one for tri, and one for dual. I originally wanted the dual, but am considering keeping one and either selling the other or cancelling one of them all together. This will obviously depend on how the demand is, and whether there is a profit...
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    Self-Driving Tesla Fails On The Streets Of South Boston

    I’m in the FSD Beta program, and I did not sign nor agree to an NDA
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    Thundertruck: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

    “You’ve been Thundertruck”
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    Folding rear seats (& center seat) confirmed in new Cybertruck patent! Points to possible pass through?

    this thread on Reddit seems to show some of the 4K footage with what could possibly be a pass through.
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    Roller Bed Cover Might Be Leaving

    I’ve mentioned this before on other threads, but will say it here as well. If you look at the launch day photos, videos, and marketing images, the rear actually didn’t change much on this. That section (along with everything windshield and back) is just illuminated different than in their...
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    KING KONG cybertruck wiper not very is how to produce the look this trucks deserves...

    Tesla’s own recommendation on the Model 3 is to move the wiper into Service Mode, when snow or freezing precip is imminent or expected. This is due to the fact that in their resting state the wipers are below the defrost heat being directed at the windshield. Which would be similar in the...
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    ? [Update: NOT Production Wiper] New Cybertruck design spied! Shortened front, no door handles, side mirrors, curved windshield glass! [Dec. 10]

    The bed just looks different due to the edge being silver instead of black at reveal. looks like Elon is also addressing the giant wiper in the room on Twitter. here’s a photo from the website, notice the sections that are silver were black before, which didn’t make the dimensions of the bed...
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    ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    Really grateful for those 2 sub 10K reservations I have, one with dual motor, and one with tri-motor.
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    Battery Leak

    There are several functions of the 12V, and there were recently pictures from China built Model Y’s with a new integrated lithium 12V battery into the vehicle. I may not be understanding your question fully, but if you leave your CT unplugged, you will have what most refer to as “vampire...