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  1. New Cybertruck official wrap colors: Satin Abyss Blue, Satin Rose Gold, Slip Grey

    Tesla has launched three new Cybertruck wrap colors. Link: Satin Abyss Blue - $6,500 Satin Rose Gold - $6,000 Slip Grey - $6,000 Satin White and Matte Black are also still available.
  2. Cybertruck in gloss black wrap + TSportline 24" CTM in satin black w/ wheel covers and full floating center caps

    Saw this posted by @T Sportline "No covers needed! #Cybertruck Monoblock 1-pc forged wheels rolling strong 24” CTM in statin black with full floating center caps - Inozetek Supergloss Black DIY wrap kit"
  3. Cybertruck w/ Full PPF (Clear Film), Ceramic Pro, Gloss Black Hood Wrap, Tint

    This Cybertruck has following installed by Signature Custom Wraps & Coatings: 1. Full KAVACA PPF 2. Full Ceramic Pro coating inside and out. 3. Gloss black hood and accents. 4. Full KAVACA Tint
  4. Tonneau cover wrap on Cybertruck! 🤩 [closeup video added]

    Maybe, but fact that the tonneau cover can be wrapped is great. Opens up even more custom and unique looks possible. 👍
  5. Tonneau cover wrap on Cybertruck! 🤩 [closeup video added]

    First we've seen the tonneau cover being wrapped! This looks awesome 🤩 They added a close up video
  6. Cybertruck Wrap Ideas?

    Matte black will definitely look good on the Cybertruck. Vantablack is some cool technology but I think it'd be a shame to not be able to see the Cybertruck's unique brutalist design! Matte Black ? Vantablack (where's the Cybertruck?!) ?