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  1. SlegMD

    For Those Waiting for Non-FS Cybertrucks -- Here's the Flip Side to Consider

    Yep, same boat. Most of these additional “features” are valueless to some.
  2. SlegMD

    I had no choice! I had to cancel my Cybertruck order today.

    Pick ups compromised for less efficiency by adding fuel capacity to get ‘the job done’, obviously. It’s an option that should be addressed to be considered a truck. Tesla is using a generalized paradigm approach for their vehicles (regarding capacity) that I feel does not properly address the...
  3. SlegMD

    I had no choice! I had to cancel my Cybertruck order today.

    You know forum fellas, while I agree the OP is fairly aloof and deserves some criticism I do feel there is an edge of fact here that the CT is obviously less efficient than other Tesla models and will burden long distance travel in some capacity. I wish you all had higher bars for features and...
  4. SlegMD

    I’m starting to get cranky…

    I’m guessing Kim Kardashian’s chauffeur is driving your truck bro My uneducated sarcasmic response.
  5. SlegMD

    They shipped my Cybertruck to the wrong state

    Pay em the money and give ‘em the finger regarding registration
  6. SlegMD

    No income proof, can I get financed?

    At this point it’s objective, not an insult. Is stating your being sensitive an insult?😅 What is this about? Oh ya, vegans? My vegan patients jest harder about ‘veganism’ much harder than what was mentioned in this thread. I shouldn’t waste my time here but I can’t resist.
  7. SlegMD


    Tesla did you a solid today. Judging by your caps lock you would have had a stroke had you been stranded on the side of the road. Now take a deep breath- sorry to say the truck isn’t worth mental anguish.
  8. SlegMD

    No income proof, can I get financed?

    Ya I’m gonna double down on overtly sensitive. Have a good day.
  9. SlegMD

    No income proof, can I get financed?

    Not offensive, you mean you’re sensitive
  10. SlegMD

    Chicago Railyard

    EM should buy some rail stations and place service and delivery centers there
  11. SlegMD

    No income proof, can I get financed?

    You finance that there doublewide? Look- I don’t care really. Declare your income, pay your taxes, get a credit score. Then enjoy the amenities of society. Or dont
  12. SlegMD

    No income proof, can I get financed?

    Take equity out on the alleged house? Not the best idea but this whole situation is weird so why not? You the guy that hacked my check accounts last week? If you are get a real job
  13. SlegMD

    Took Delivery Today. Excellent Truck! But Poor Delivery Experience.

    Think you forgot to check the “fancy delivery” box when you signed for the truck… ah well you have it! Congrats
  14. SlegMD

    Welp, I made the Day 70 Club!!

    Congratulations! for your patronage you are awarded increased anxiety! Honestly though it’s a matter of time and you’ll have it soon. I cancelled my first res and now having slight regrets, so you are ahead of me! Take care!
  15. SlegMD

    Delivery today in Sunnyvale. (2+ hr waiting time, and more)

    My gawd my eyeballs just fractured when seeing those gaps. Should not have skipped inspection. GL. just had a thought… what would you guys do if they misspelled ‘Foundation Series’ etching in the side? 😂
  16. SlegMD

    VIN assigned!!!! Raleigh, NC get wild

    Thank gawd…. I’ve been binging the sweets to even the salt around here. all in all, congrats, and enjoy!
  17. SlegMD

    Joe Tegtmeyer getting a truck ahead of everyone....

    Actually, my guess is this Joe fellow is probably more passionate about the CT and has contributed more to “CT fandom” than this OP, so I’d say fuck it and he deserves one wherever he is in line. it’s amazing that the CT has brought adult inner child out .