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  1. Coolbreeze704

    What's TSLA outlook

    Much better to have GM stock. They do buy backs vs taking profit to invest in future tech like stupid robots, energy storage, self driving cars, battery's. That 70 PE is way to high for a car company.
  2. Coolbreeze704

    🎺🎉Q3 2023 Results Livestream 👀 -- Complete!! (Recap inside)

    It is a great question because I didn't want to say it is a meaningless question. This is going to be a tough 3rd qtr earnings call. Investors are nervous about a lot. I think they are prepared for lower margins to some point, understand the factories had down time for Highland, and know CT is...
  3. Coolbreeze704

    🎺🎉Q3 2023 Results Livestream 👀 -- Complete!! (Recap inside)

    I think it is a great question but does not move the needle. Production concerns, delays on cybertruck and current/projected margins will move the needle in a big way depending on the answer. It is always interesting to see the difference in the questions between retail and institutional...
  4. Coolbreeze704

    🎺🎉Q3 2023 Results Livestream 👀 -- Complete!! (Recap inside)

    Institutional investors won't care and are not going to model for it yet. Retail long term investor care greatly though as it could be considerably more important to to their 5 and 10 year price targets then auto.
  5. Coolbreeze704

    4680 Model Y pulled from US pre-order

    Their best engineers don't want to move to Mexico. Work out engineering, tooling, and get line fine tuned in time for GM.
  6. Coolbreeze704

    4680 Model Y pulled from US pre-order

    John, a forum member has a great look at his thoughts on the current battery situation
  7. Coolbreeze704

    We have a Drone Pilot - Giga Mexico

    Thanks for the hook up Charlie. I'm sure us TSLA investors will be looking forward to every fly over he posts
  8. Coolbreeze704

    ICE-ing Superchargers

    Wow, it would be hard for me not to say something. I have a hard time with people who are disrespectful.
  9. Coolbreeze704

    Here we go again! (TFL on Tesla)

    One of my favorites is Cleanerwatt. I know he battery focused but really well done.
  10. Coolbreeze704

    Tesla teases new product "CyberVault" .... what is it?!

    Your avatar has inspired me. Matte black wrap with dark tint on all windows would take the Cybertruck to a whole other level of dystopian don't F with me cool.