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  1. Rivian CEO Doesn’t Think Cybertruck Will Lure Away R1T Customers... Agree / Disagree?

    If I was an executive I sure wouldn’t be on stage saying we’re about to get freight trained into Chapter 11.
  2. Nissan TITAN to be discontinued

    If I didn’t have a 2017 Nissan Titan I wouldn’t have the M3 that I have today. In 3 1/2 years 55k miles the Titan was in the shop inoperable about 13 times. Engine would shut off randomly. Check engine light on more than off. Rotors warped within 20k miles. Chrome plating peeling off wheels...
  3. Lightning gets new LFP Batteries starting next year (2024)

    I never had a drive connected to my car. Not sure on the storage limitations but you can absolutely use sentry without a storage device. The car can save at least some clips.
  4. Lightning gets new LFP Batteries starting next year (2024)

    Not sure about the LFP part but if you have sentry on that sounds reasonable. Disabled mine due to lack of concern and the fact I typically lost about 5% overnight on 3LR. Uses about 230-300 wh when on.