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  1. anionic1

    we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    That’s stretching the social term for limited edition for sure.
  2. anionic1

    we may be closer than we think to the end of the foundation series upcharge

    With how weird Tesla has gotten, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just sit on low volume FS CTs with next to zero communication to the world or the SC people. It’s such a stupid move because they are losing the new model sales momentum.
  3. anionic1

    I’m RN# 11323XXX My place in line is 495,744. How is this possible? Is everyone cancelling?

    At this point it looks like they are going to milk every reservation for the FS limited edition. Why not, right? Sure try to get as much as you can when you dumped so much into getting the truck produced, but Tesla and the CT are having some very bad publicity and sales are slowing on other...
  4. anionic1

    For those who though that Foundation was really limited to 1000's is your proof that its not....

    Yep, and when they revise it will be like the early Y orders where it only went to folks that also bought FSD. So it might go to $80k and only folks that buy fsd. Then it will eventually open to everyone at $80k. Then 5 years from now once a lot of other trucks are on the market and they are...
  5. anionic1

    90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    I bet once the number drops to $80k and the tax credit kicks in and gets this closer to a $70k vehicle. That acceptance rate will quickly increase to closer to 30% to 40%.
  6. anionic1

    90% cancellation/postponement rate?

    Right and its priced at $100k. Not the $49k dual motor most people ordered back then. That's a 100% increase. The majority of people wont pay for a $100k vehicle. For 99% of people its not a wise financial decision to spend that much on a vehicle as its a depreciating asset. Its fun, but not...
  7. anionic1

    Would you buy the Cybertruck if your number came up in the next month?

    its already been confirmed that its going well above 1,000. I am in no way gloating but i have been right about many of my predictions. I work in a manufacturing and sales setting. They are profit maximizers. they are going to sell the FS trims until it negatively affects them. And that wont...
  8. anionic1

    Would you buy the Cybertruck if your number came up in the next month?

    they are in the 11284xxxx range. So they are moving up the list. I bet the go through the entire list with offers for the FS series. I bet the conversion rate is less than 10%. probably 5%. this forum is for the enthusiast so the portion of buyers on here will be much higher than reality. So...
  9. anionic1

    Tesla will change Foundation Series order to Non-FS without penalty (YMMV)

    I just got the invite yesterday. That $100k price point is truly a pothole at the finish line of a long long wait. I am with you. I cant justify spending that on an asset that is just going to depreciate and likely fairly quickly. i can see how you get a lot of perks like FSD and the Power...
  10. anionic1

    Just got my email to configure

    I concur. Got mine today 11284xxxx
  11. anionic1

    What’s the order acceptance rate

    It doesn’t let me edit much. It won’t let me change it
  12. anionic1

    Just missed a call from Tesla re: my Cybertruck orders

    Wait, so they ordered one based on an early RN and they placed a second order for a foundation series based on a super late RN, 12/2023?
  13. anionic1

    What’s the order acceptance rate

    I read someone spoke with a sales rep and got the 20,000 number. And I agree with you on pricing for the foundation series
  14. anionic1

    What’s the order acceptance rate

    I have a reservation number around 11284xxxx. I read that Tesla will aim to sell around 20,000 Foundation Series CTs. If I can determine the acceptance rate I can probably get close on how many invites they will send out.
  15. anionic1

    Just got the email from Tesla, foundation series ready to order

    This is just a wild guess. It looks like the reservations started around 112740000. They seem like they are into the range of 112790000. My guess would be they have 1500 to 2500 orders out of 40000 invites. So roughly 4% to 6% acceptance. I picked 40,000 because for every person in that range I...
  16. anionic1

    Looking for a good interest rate

    You should pull the rest as a loan against your 401k so you pay all in cash. That way you are paying the interest back to yourself.