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  1. Auto Loan Interest Rates - Share What You’ve Found 🏦

    Hello All: My action plan is to pay cash. Then refi for the best rate at one of the credit unions and then take the funds and buy Solano and BTC with this latest pullback. If I am correct the outperformance of these two will more than cover my payment.
  2. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Delivery scheduled for Monday 25 Mar Colma CA. After couple of weeks driving thenn thinking about the Phoenix Red wrap OCD detail in Fremont did a video on it, but wow $9,500 painful price.
  3. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    Excellent argument. The members have changed my mind. But, I should say I have two boys 50 and 51 with four grandchildren so while I can't take it with me, every little bit will help them and their struggles. But heck they can always sleep in the cyberlandr camper if they become homeless ( humor).
  4. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    I would not be disappointed. This is just a thought that came to me for several reasons. As I said in earlier posts. Virtually every high demand vehicle with a long wait list has been sold for a premium in many cases. Look at how the dealers add to the price when vehicles are hard to get. i also...
  5. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    When its time to register it would be the other party if I decide to do it or not. or like one member suggested just buy it and sell it. My wife says doesn't matter I waited this long at least let it sit in the driveway and maybe sleep it in a few nights. Maybe I could have the Model X do a...
  6. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    Thank you for that. Problem is in CA that's 10% of purchase price to state.
  7. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    Thank you good suggestion. Taxes in CA to register is probably $10k alone
  8. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    no offense taken. Just up there in age. Dont' know if it makes sense to spend $100k with taxes for a few years maybe of having cybertruck. My 2017 Ram 6 cyl diesel Longhorn is a beautiful truck 27 mpg.
  9. Sale of Cybertruck Ordering Position

    Ladies & Gentlemen of the cyber truck community. As we all have been waiting what seems like forever for production to begin, time is running out for us older folks. As a 2016 Model X signature Red and Tesla fan, (also have starlink), and will certainly buy the phone. I have a reasonably low...