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    Sounds like you had a fantastic time exploring Sintra and enjoying the delights of Lisbon and Cascais, Ben! Taking in the museums and savoring fresh grilled seafood must have been a delightful experience. The ease of hopping on the ferry and exploring different transit options adds to the charm...

    Oh wow, 1000 musicians playing together sounds incredible! Thanks for the tip, @CyberRich. My trip is for next year, so I'll definitely keep it, so I can check the dates later and see if it aligns with my itinerary in Portugal.

    Gearing up for an autumn adventure in Portugal next year, and I'm stoked to explore with a Tesla Model 3! Heard good things about Portugal's charging network - one card unlocks the whole system, super convenient. Plus, most hotels seem to have free chargers on-site, which is a huge bonus! My...
  4. Went light offroading with my Dual Motor Cybertruck

    Your offroad adventure sounds like a blast, @codeater! You’re right, offroading is always more enjoyable with a group – it’s about sharing the journey and the memories. Keep exploring and happy trails!
  5. 1900 Mile Road Trip Report - Arizona to Illinois

    Thank you for sharing your detailed road trip experience with the Cybertruck FS AWD, @Cybergirl! It's fascinating to hear about your journey, charging stops, interactions with people along the way, and the overall reception of the Cybertruck. Your insights provide valuable firsthand information...
  6. Cyber Sandwich

    That's a cool coincidence, running into someone who used to work on building the Cybertrucks. Small world!
  7. I thought it was a scam

    That's great that you were cautious and verified the legitimacy of the postcard before providing your bank information, @Alpine. It's reassuring to hear that you received a check in the mail and successfully deposited it. It's always wise to be cautious with such communications and to verify the...
  8. Ok, I'll wait for these mods.

    It's common for concept cars to showcase futuristic designs that may not always translate directly to production models, and most of them may not even reach production at all. Still, it's interesting to see the innovative ideas presented in concept cars.
  9. Cybertruck Mods

    Wow, that's a real monster! It does have a Cybertruck vibe, but it's got its own unique charm too!
  10. Nanotechnology Repairs Engine Damage in Cars

    This appears intriguing, but it also raises skepticism due to sounding too good to be true. In my quest for clarification, I stumbled upon a discussion on Reddit regarding the science behind this topic:
  11. Test drive of a petrol car

    It's a brilliant way to expose the minor annoyances of gas cars that we've learned to just accept over decades of normalization. The humorous narrative makes it an entertaining yet thoughtful read! :)
  12. Cyber Eclipse

    That sounds like a truly unique experience with the solar eclipse and your Maple tree, @BlueLightning! The natural projection of the eclipse through the leaves must have created a mesmerizing sight right in front of your house. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.