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  1. Front tow hook covers - options?

    Anyone making tow hook covers yet for the CT? Always liked the look of accenting them on other trucks. Otherwise, anyone know the best diy method / material?
  2. Charging equipment included on day one (conflicting info)

    Received my invite and trying to figure out charging on day one (this would be my first Tesla so I don’t have a wall connector or anything set up). Looking at the AWD, it says “Universal Wall Connector” is included. I called Tesla who said it would be shipped to me beforehand. I am assuming...
  3. Experience on soft beach sand & overland sand mode?

    Looking at the AWD with outside of being a daily driver, the express purpose of also being a beach car (driving and camping on the actual sand). I’ve seen videos of desert runs, but also the video of that one guy getting stuck on the beach (who knows if he deflated his tires, etc.) Any real...