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  1. Darth abbott

    A special thanks.

    Just special thanks to all the dumbasses that had to keep jamming stuff in their frunk and posting videos frunk cutting carrots off. I love having to stand next to it and make sure it closes every time because it's too sensitive and doesn't close half the time. Thanks so much!
  2. Darth abbott

    Wiper wash feature needs to spray both directions.

    Cybertruck's windshield wash feature. The current design, where the wiper sprays only while going up, is ineffective in cleaning the windshield. The brief spray duration does not allow sufficient time for the moisture to reach and remove dirt or debris. A simple software modification could...
  3. Darth abbott

    Unstoppable rattles

    Anybody else struggling with just continuous rattles in their cyber truck My floor creaks my left side dash panel rattles but those aren't the worst parts those I can handle there's a continuous plastic ticking noise in the back right corner of my truck I asked the dealer to look at it and they...
  4. Darth abbott

    Wheel cover efficiency

    I would love to be able to determine this on my own however I have no wheel covers as I took delivery at the end of March. Does anyone know if anyone has done a wheel arrow cover of efficiency test with the cybertrucks original covers? Sorry if I missed a thread.
  5. Darth abbott

    Wrap preference -- PPF or color wrap?

    PPF or color wrap?
  6. Darth abbott

    48 ounce yeti fits in the door!

    How many trucks have a door not only that fits a 48 ounce water bottle but that stays accessible. I feel like Tesla really thought about making these useful!
  7. Darth abbott

    Foundation series on display Eden prairie Minnesota.

    Was notified by Tesla marketing email that Eden prairie Minnesota had a Tesla Cyber truck on display. Which is absolutely amazing in person! It was a foundation series, all-wheel drive. Confirmed with the manager that it is a display only truck and not a customer delivery truck. It was roped...
  8. Darth abbott

    4680 cell improvements by 10-20%

    Rumor is that Tesla is finalizing a new cell format which has 10-20% more energy density. If true the cybertrucks battery would have a pretty good gain in range. With the same amount of cells. Now Tesla could just use less cells than and keep the range the same but let's say they give us the...