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  1. David R Kirkpatrick

    How starting a stainless car company can go wrong

    If you haven’t yet, watch this docu drama about John Delorean and his ill fated stainless auto. There are many ways that a car company can go wrong. Thank you Elon for not going down this road.
  2. David R Kirkpatrick

    Cybersex or cyberwar?
  3. David R Kirkpatrick

    Best Cyberclone

    Here is my nomination for best cyberclone. Amazing how many of these are being built. It’s already a cult classic and it’s only a concept! Here are some of the also-rans...
  4. David R Kirkpatrick

    The best time for your CyberTruck

    This is weird, the CT looks NORMAL to me now. ICE pickups look old fashioned. Anyway, here are some thoughts I had today (while waiting for delivery) about why right now is the best part of CT ownership... 1. Low cost - $100 2. No insurance necessary 3. No range anxiety 4. No parking hassles at...
  5. David R Kirkpatrick

    AUTOMOBILE names Cybertruck Concept Car of the Year

    Announced at Automobile The Tesla Cybertruck Is the Concept Car of the Year: Here's Why For starters, it was seriously unexpected. Dec 31, 2019 Polarizing objects are things you either instinctively love or loathe, no middle ground whatsoever. Tesla's Cybertruck is about as perfect of an...
  6. David R Kirkpatrick

    Corrosion resistance in Cybertruck may not be perfect

    What forms of corrosion can occur in stainless steels? The most common forms of corrosion in stainless steel are: Pitting corrosion - The passive layer on stainless steel can be attacked by certain chemical species. The chloride ion Cl- is the most common of these and is found in everyday...
  7. David R Kirkpatrick

    FSD Level 5

    I hope that by 2022 we see level 5 FSD. The CT as a loaner has big potential, plus I’m not getting any younger- so a driving aide could help an old fogey living in real winter country.
  8. David R Kirkpatrick

    Trimotor or Dual motor????

    I have changed my order several times and can’t make up my mind. Currently back to Trimotor. Here are my criteria: I do no towing, minimal hauling, speed is not something I’m into, little off roading, price is small consideration, def FSD. The trimotor seems like it will last longer, have better...