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  1. Cybercarlson

    First (Private) Imported Cybertruck in Europe (Germany)

    If you are driving in Europe with a US plate, then you get asked if you have registered it as a temporary import (e.g. T-1). Maximum timeframe applies. And if you have a valid US drivers license, Visa, etc. This is mostly to secure the import taxes (10% plus local VAT). btw. it is not so easy...
  2. Cybercarlson

    🍻 CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set Giveaway! [Enter Here]

    I started with a M3 LR in 2021..... after that 2 MY LR. But for one month now I use this Because I sold the MY 😭 and will get a new MY SR next month😇. Patiently waiting for my CYBERTRUCK in EU-Version.
  3. Cybercarlson

    Cybertruck delivery event ticket lottery now open! [Deadline: 11/3/23]

    Finally they made it possible for all non US Stockholders to get the status as a verified stock holder. Actually a manual verification ( I do not care if the hands are from Optimus or his AI Mother ;)) uploading a pdf of your (in my case german) depot statment. With SAY it was not really...
  4. Cybercarlson

    Bulletproof tested Cybertruck spotted!! Musk confirms: "No bullets penetrated into the passenger compartment." [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    If you say "bulletproof to a handgaun" and then use a submachinegun, with a longer barrel, to test it, I am verry satisfied. It is over delivering on that point in my view. Allthough using an HK MP5 would be a modern alternative. Those are actually in every german patrol car, after the...
  5. Cybercarlson

    Video: Cybertruck Vents Air Suspension Pressure While Lowering! 💨 + Close Look at Bed Vault!

    This is just a temporary carmorflage. Look at the lower part, indentions of fingers pushing it down. Seems to me that the MIDGATE is still a possibility. They have to have something for presentation day, that has not been leaked before. (;-)
  6. Cybercarlson

    Cybertruck Mega Windshield Wiper IN ACTION at Giga Texas Wind Tunnel

    Back to the roots. The first wipers where manual too. LOL. Twinblade design in one arm has more advantages. The upper blade travells much more distance and has to be replaced more often than the lower blade. It uses "standard size" wiperblades = cheaper.
  7. Cybercarlson

    Cybertruck 1000V Architecture + V4 Supercharging Confirmed!! ⚡️ "It's Going to be Used for Cybertruck Too" - Elon Musk

    It is a question of freedom :unsure: and efficiency (sorry I grew up in Germany ;)) It minimises charging losses, there fore saves energy.🤑 Time saved is a bonus. I do not need to charge up with 22kW, but it is helpfull to have this option. Especially if the truck has a bussy schedule. It...
  8. Cybercarlson

    Cybertruck 1000V Architecture + V4 Supercharging Confirmed!! ⚡️ "It's Going to be Used for Cybertruck Too" - Elon Musk

    The minimum I would like to see is 22kW AC for home charging (in Europe). My 22kW wall box has been allready installed (2021) and is waiting for CT. Doing 1/2 of the work, since MY and M3 can only handle 11kW ... 🤢🤮 which is kind of the standart Wallbox power. Since 16A, 230V, 3 Phase, in most...
  9. Cybercarlson

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    The recent increase in FSD price is a proof of my point ..... I think. Reserve and wait patiently :whistle:
  10. Cybercarlson

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    @Throwcomputer You are certainly right, we live in crazy times, not only car wise... There are two things I would like to steer your attention towards: I "believe" FSD will be out of Beta in 2024 and it will be a sought after option. Having FSD price looked in, far below the going rate in...
  11. Cybercarlson

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    @Throwcomputer Sorry for only posting half of the story behind having multiple reservations: WANT: The reservations are not all for myself or even just on one Teslaaccount. They are spread over the family. We NEED more than one vehicle. Actually 3-4 at present. One of the reservation holders...
  12. Cybercarlson

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    Thats the spirit ! I am glad for having reserved more than one CT. ? Whatever they build first I am happy to get (at a reasonable price). Later on they will ship other trims, so I can sell and switch to a newer and improved version. Demand and resale value will stay high for a long time. And...
  13. Cybercarlson

    Another new detail: Cybertruck has a camera below its front bumper

    If you go over a (big) hump or up / down a step grade .. ;)you will know what this camera is needed for....
  14. Cybercarlson

    Car designer Frank Stephenson's view on the Cybertruck

    Thats what they said about the Model T...... it took several decades until they became valuable collectables. ?
  15. Cybercarlson

    Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    @Diehard Thank you for sharing. @TechOps the quote is a good example of things comming presented by "the competition" that will need to be adressed by Tesla upon revealing the production version of the CT. Much time has passed since the initial reveal (2019..) in EV Time it is even more...
  16. Cybercarlson

    Cybertruck delayed; writing is on the wall.

    "Patience is a virtue" just sit back and chillax.? My impatience (CT wise) dissappeared as soone as a MY order had been placed. For my wife, but I will be allowed to play with it.:p Now I have something to look forward too. Something that actually can be seen on the roads now. Not so far...
  17. Cybercarlson

    ? Cybertruck Spotted at Giga Texas Plant! + Interior Look with Yoke Steering Wheel and Performance Pedals!

    @Manu The last Pickup I imported : Importtax 10% (on cost+shipping) ontop your VAT (19% in Germany) The Importtaxes are the same in the EU only VAT differs + special taxes on certain items (Luxurytax)
  18. Cybercarlson

    Gigafactory Austin Texas night shots - drone video

    Like a living creature..... producing while still growing. ? @Tesla @Elon. It would be great if you let somebody competent take an inside video (Texas Quad Squad ?) There are thousands of customers that will be very happy, even if they only get to see the censored version. Pretty please ? ?
  19. Cybercarlson

    German Documentary Points To Issues At Tesla Gigafactory In Grünheide

    @BillyGee I thought the same.... but only of people from Denmark??..... :unsure: Haveing worked with.... oh sh:poop: I have the same prejudices . I have to better myself and appologise to all RedWhiteDynamites. On the other hand.... I ordered a Model Y, only as it became clear that I will...