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  1. Received our two Beasts!

    You too! He loves the little one!
  2. Received our two Beasts!

    I also took delivery of 2 cyberbeasts this week! Per the delivery center it was the first double delivery to the same family at the same time. Had to add the beast logo to the small one (no option for kids cyberbeast!)
  3. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Finally - pedal is fixed and getting delivery of Cyberbeast 4/21 at Irvine Ordered 12/8 VIN on 3/8 RN11277 Delivery 4/21
  4. Cybertruck Delivery Hold Until April 23 -- Tesla Dealership Associate

    I reached out today and they said they would have an update on the timeline in 24-48 hours. I’ve had a VIN for 6 weeks!
  5. I am in shock! Accelerator recall delays my original delivery tomorrow!

    Yes I am 0278 Cyberbeast and no delivery yet.
  6. I am in shock! Accelerator recall delays my original delivery tomorrow!

    I am VIN 278 and was scheduled for delivery tomorrow, 4/14. Car was supposed to arrive to Irvine today. Got the cancellation text yesterday. Got VIN on 3/8 and car didn’t leave Austin until about 4/8 based on my calls asking for updates on locations.
  7. Canceled Delivery

    Same. I just got notified of cancelled delivery for Sunday in California.
  8. So something is wrong in Austin ... CyberTruck backlog

    I got my VIN for Cyberbeast on March 7/8th (so long ago I’m losing track) and was also concerned there was some major issue since I had not heard anything in 1 month. I had called a few times and was altold the car is in Austin. But I called again yesterday (4/8) and they said the car was on...
  9. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    Yep I call twice week! They just say it’s in Austin and looks like it’s pending shipping. Same answer every time.
  10. VINs Pending Delivery Chart & National Map 🗺️

    I’m still waiting for delivery date for VIN assigned on 3/7. California Anyone else at 30 days from VIN and no delivery date?
  11. 12/8 CyberBeast waiting room

    Any updates on your delivery? Still nothing for me yet for delivery to Irvine. I called Thursday and they still said it's awaiting shipping. I hope they realize they can save thousands of dollars by having us all fly out there and drive the Cyberbeast home. VIN Assigned 3/7/24 VIN 027X
  12. Cyberbeast VIN assigned - SoCal - 3/13/2024 [Delivered 3/27/24]!

    Haha love it. I’m still in the same situation of “enhanced waiting.” Called yesterday and same response, truck is in Austin and awaiting shipping. This weekend will be 1 month since VIN and no delivery. I already paid for the car in the Tesla app! I’m going to pretend I don’t have a VIN and...
  13. Cyberbeast VIN assigned - SoCal - 3/13/2024 [Delivered 3/27/24]!

    Congrats! I got my Cyberbeast VIN on 3/7 for delivery to Irvine and it still has not arrived. I called again today and they said maybe a week (which is what they say every time I call). My VIN is a lower number in the 200s also, kinda weird how this rollout is going! I think my car may be lost...
  14. Finally ;)

    Nice! Enjoy. Hopefully they will find mine someday! I am just assuming there is some parts they are waiting for, maybe it only affects the Beast, and they are just making trucks, and assigning VIN, then bringing them back in for final assembly and then shipping out? hopefully, I will just get...
  15. Finally ;)

    Congrats! Did they confirm your truck is on site? I’ve had three delivery appointments already canceled at Irvine because truck is still “en route.” VIN 027X beast VIN on 3/7/24
  16. Cyberbeast VIN yesterday San Diego, Ca

    I got my Cyberbeast VIN 3/7 and still waiting for that train to arrive to Irvine, CA….
  17. 12/8 CyberBeast waiting room

    Congrats on getting your Beast! I’m still driving the original Model 3 LR rear motor from early 2018 waiting for my Cyberbeast delivery. I’ve had Cyberbeast VIN in the 200s assigned since 3/8 for delivery to Irvine. As of yesterday they said my truck is still in Austin. They said it might...