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  1. Range for AWD Cybertruck 200-250 miles after many real world tests

    Exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully these numbers are wildly inaccurate for some reason, but if they’re not? Absolutely no way in hell I’d pay 60% MORE… for 60% LESS… 🤪🤬
  2. Solar cover?

    While the question wasn’t to me, my reply would be: 1.) Significantly important (IMO) that if Tesla offers it, then the vehicle has to already be configured to accept it. That’d be a biggy for me. 2.) I (personally) would be happy with something that covers parasitic draw, plus hopefully...
  3. How short a driver does the Cybertruck accommodate?

    The pedal is floor mounted too, so that may play into it?
  4. Cybertruck XL - who would want one?

    Ditto. If the CT were available in dual motor long bed, that would indeed be my choice. All my past trucks were crew cab long bed. I don’t care about garages, and I always found a place to park. Even when visiting in Queens and
  5. Sandy Munro Cybertruck Engineering Analysis (Video)

    Re CT stainless: Sandy tells us how he “knows what he’s talking about”, then proceeds to say his rifles wouldn’t be able to shoot through it because it’s “martensitic”. Apparently Sandy only owns pistol caliber carbines, because any “rifle” cartridge (ie something commonly regarded as a rifle...
  6. Tesla's Crafty Move? - Carbon Credits, The Extender, GVWR, and Payload

    I could hardly care less about speed and rear wheel steering. If it were actually an option? I’d delete it without a second thought to save some money. I suspect more than a few would. (And no, no one needs to waste electrons explaining to me how it won’t happen, etc. I already know that.)
  7. Where are you on the reservation list?

    Nice! Looks like you’ll be one to watch for real world intel.😎
  8. Where are you on the reservation list?

    332k in line. Dual, will cancel without price drop.
  9. Shopping cart dent test fun by Mat Watson

    Rip out the motors, replace the structural battery pan with structural fuel, install a Cummins and drivelines, some stacks up through the sail pillars… 😉🤩🤣 Another tank in the bed, hey presto! 700 miles range!!!🤣
  10. Snow packed headlights - Jason Cammisa

    I’m waaay too stingy for that! I drink el’cheapo Fireball, and I still ain’t wasting a drop I tell ya! Hopefully it isn’t too much of an issue though.
  11. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    I’ll be highly surprised if anyone does in any significant manner. This isn’t a hit on you (or anyone for that matter), just what I believe is a common misperception: I keep seeing people talking about the expansion pack like it’s just a box of batteries that you plug in. While I’m no tech...
  12. OFFICIAL 2024 Cybertruck Pricing, Specs, Mileage/Range, Dimensions, Weight, Info

    I think this is a very well reasoned take on the matter (regardless of whether I’m personally happy about it or
  13. Ramcharger- Best of Both Worlds?

    Depending on price, I’m interested in it.
  14. Might convert my Dual Motor reservation to RWD. Doing the same?

    Me? No way. I’m still dual/“AWD” or nothing (depending on eventual price when I’m contacted). I can understand other folks wanting a RWD depending on their use and/or location, so no judgement there whatsoever. For me it’s a non-starter though. I wouldn’t even be able to make it up my...