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  1. Mystery.Shadow

    Center caps from Amazon fit well

    Are they the same size as the ones for a Model S, 3, X, or Y ?
  2. Mystery.Shadow

    Cybertruck wrapped in Platinum mirror PPF paint protection film

    Was wondering about Mother's Polish and/or Barkeeper's Friend....
  3. Mystery.Shadow

    Memory Storage Device for Sentry Mode / Cameras ?

    Would you TeslaExperts say this is a good choice? Someone recommended this...
  4. Mystery.Shadow

    Memory Storage Device for Sentry Mode / Cameras ?

    Greetings! The Cybertruck will be my very first Tesla. I hear I will need some sort of storage device for the cameras. Since I'm such a n00b, I have no idea if it's a Flash Drive, Memory Card, or SSD. What do you all use? Thanks!
  5. Mystery.Shadow

    Break-In Period?

    The Cybertruck will be my very first EV. Was wondering, do Teslas require a Break-In Period like 'normal' vehicles or can you "take off" from the dealership?!
  6. Mystery.Shadow

    Shopping cart dent test fun by Mat Watson

    I'm afraid of what the general public will do to mine!!
  7. Mystery.Shadow

    Official: Cybertruck first deliveries on November 30, 2023!! Production capacity revealed to be >125K

    I put all my Cybertruck $$ into TSLA. By the looks of it, I can now afford a 1997 Honda CVC.
  8. Mystery.Shadow

    Cybertruck FULL FRONT VIEW! (2/9/23)

    Where I live, two feet of snow is common. The thought of the Windshield and "Hood" on the same plane with no break would make snow removal a breeze! Probably even made easier with the BAW's help!
  9. Mystery.Shadow

    FSD dream

    My problem with the RoboTaxi idea is that they keep saying someone has to be at, and have a hand on the wheel ready to take over. So how will Elon's RoboTaxi idea ever work?!
  10. Mystery.Shadow

    FSD... Ownership transfer issues (if someone else totals your CT)?

    One of the things that has been on my mind. What if I (finally!) get my CyberTruck and the next day some drunk driver totals my ride. Not only is FSD an issue, but... Do I have to wait in line all over again??