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  1. MilliM

    Cybertruck Deliveries Suspended Temporarily -- due to windshield wiper motor issue

    I’ve used my sub 200 VIN wiper often enough to know I haven’t had any issues…but coincidentally my passenger side R1S wiper motor did fail this year.
  2. MilliM

    What wrap stands out the least?

    Have you seen any examples of that white gold on a Cybertruck yet? Might match my Prairie Bronze Mustang nicely (looks very gold in the sunlight).
  3. MilliM

    What wrap stands out the least?

    Thx for the replies. To me it feels like the stainless look pops more in traffic, or in the parking lot, even though it’s stock. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the look of the wrap that is close to the stainless, as well as unwrapped, but for me and the WAF I think wrapping something basic is the...
  4. MilliM

    What wrap stands out the least?

    I feel like black will “blend in” over time the best (presumably be the most popular from what I’ve seen so far), but I kind of really like the white stormtrooper look (still need to see it in person). But if trying to be the least flashy what says the forum? Would white stick out or...
  5. MilliM

    Powershare is Activated / Enabled

    Mine was installed a week ago and I’m in the same boat as Synchronicity was/is. House is charging my car at the moment and see that in the app, but don’t see anything about PowerShare in Controls section. I’m going to sit tight for a while and see if it automagically updates in the next few...
  6. MilliM

    Matte Black & Gloss Black Cybertruck Duo

    Something the way the gloss is similar to a smooth piece of Obsidian resonates with me, but wondering whether it’s worth the relative increase in upkeep/cleaning.
  7. MilliM

    "General E" Cybertruck in wrap inspired by Dukes of Hazzard General Lee (Teckwrap Wild Orange Wrap)

    Damn, this might be my favorite yet. Bonus…you’ll bring some old rednecks around!
  8. MilliM

    My CT is getting wrapped at TSportline… been with them a week +……

    Looks awesome. Glad to see more unique wraps adorning the CTs (while mine is still just bare stainless).
  9. MilliM

    Has anyone here sold their Tesla Cybertruck?

    Whether circumstances change or people ultimately don’t love it, I can see why some people who genuinely thought they wanted to own it do end up wanting to sell before 1 year. I’d be lying if the thought didn’t cross my mind a couple times, primarily because it’s “excessive” for my daily needs...
  10. MilliM

    Low speed accident damage

    Sorry to see this and good on you guys for leaving a note. A couple of times now in my parking garage at work I’ve been so focused on lining up the lines (in the side view mirrors) that I’m not very focused on the rear of the car. No taps yet, but definitely some near misses. Kind of wish it had...
  11. MilliM

    Cybertruck - Cars and Bids for $122k?

    Not sure the original owner had a super clear crystal ball when they put their $100 (not $1,000) deposit down 4 years ago. As much as I like mine, I can see someone who wants (or needs) to get out to go no reserve (didn’t look to see whether it was) and let the market do its work. Otherwise...
  12. MilliM

    HOV Decals - Where to Put Them?

    In California, just ordered them tonight. I’m thinking about putting on the plastic/bumpers instead of stainless/body. What are you all planning to do?
  13. MilliM

    😅 I Regret Not Buying a CyberBEAST | Owner Reacts

    Brutus has just over 1k miles, and despite having the beast I have yet to do a beast launch. One of these days, but not yet.
  14. MilliM

    Powershare Installer Monopoly???

    SoCal and quote was about $5,400. Have solar and the install locations (existing panel, PowerShare hardware and charger) are all within about 10 feet of each other. Feels a little steep, but this is SoCal and everything costs more. The $4k Cyberbeast credit helps defray the sting…but then I...
  15. MilliM

    Memory Storage Device for Sentry Mode / Cameras ?

    Thx much - I must not have looked closely enough. Which SSD did you go with?
  16. MilliM

    Memory Storage Device for Sentry Mode / Cameras ?

    Where is the pre installed drive? Is it embedded somewhere because I didn’t see it in my glovebox.
  17. MilliM

    Sentry Mode USB drive full after 10 days... how to overwrite old files automatically?

    FWIW my Sentry mode has probably been doing the same thing as OP. I can confirm that despite getting notified of new events, older clips are not being deleted. In the last 5 days I come out to some number of new sentry events, car tells me I can view them, but the last ones that are there are...
  18. MilliM

    Driving “the other car” after weeks with the Cybertruck

    Are most of you Cybertruck owners feeling like driving any other vehicle is a super antiquated feeling? Our other daily is a quad motor Launch Edition R1S, which I absolutely love (it’s a great vehicle), but driving it now feels nowhere near as joyful as I remember. I think it’s wholly focused...
  19. MilliM

    For the love of God, leave me be!

    This is pretty accurate. Still getting attention, but less by the day (which I’m happy about). Had dinner at the Pendry earlier this week and when I arrived I was the only CT, but after dinner there were two wrapped matte black parked next to me (front row valet with all the super cars next to...