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  1. Canada's luxury tax not applicable to Cybertruck

    Except the cybertruck weight less if you look at the tesla website! Dimensions Weight 3,104 kg
  2. Cybertruck engineers bend upper control arm in testing

    JD power is probably funded by stellantis lol
  3. Poll - Cybertrcuk Reservation

    Keeping my reservation till they call me, maybe price will drop, or maybe I'll win at life and have enough money to buy it!
  4. What's the current Cybertruck Production Rate?

    There is no run rate at all, it's just testing, testing the assembly line, making ct for additional testing, making ct for crash test.
  5. First Cybertruck delivered to Canada will be at....

    I think they should go where they have the most ordered within the first 24h of the presentation.
  6. Cybertruck is MID"SIZE" pickup truck, prove me wrong....!!!

    I don't care in what category it is, as long as I can tow at least 6000 pounds and a 6f eet bed!
  7. Cybertruck Wrapped in Urban Camo Spotted! (More Photos & Video Added)

    What are yall talking about, only thing I see is empty street picture!
  8. How much will Cybertruck weigh?

    When it was presented in 2019, they say that it will weight the same as a regular non ev f-150.
  9. Tesla leak reveals data breaches

    As I understand with tesla, every single employee bad behavior is always tesla responsability and should reflect on the entire company and management. FUD
  10. What price point will you cancel your order?

    Thinking about that, If they price it high, a lot of reservation holder are going to cancel, so the queue wont be long t'ill there's no more reservation holder, so tesla will lower the price lol
  11. What price point will you cancel your order?

    For the dual, if it's over 55K$ (70 000$cad in Quebec because tesla canadian price are almost all the time the exchange rate + 5K$cad) I cannot aford it. Unless the tsla share are over 450$:rolleyes:
  12. It is going to be hard to make it affordable

    The key to disrupt the market with the CT is the price. Also, only tesla fan would want an oddly looking tesla truck, but if the price is lower than any other pickup everybody that need a pick up will buy it!
  13. Rumors of Tesla wanting to replace Elon Musk [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS AND TWITTER TALK]

    A lot of shareholder are pissed at Elon for selling his share after telling everybody to hold. If elon has not sold his share, they would still be worth over 300$ now. For a lot of people that a lot of money. IMO i would like to see the vote for him to stay, to be just slightly over 50%, so he...
  14. What's a deal-breaker for you?

    Price, price, price. IF it's not the cheapest pick up truck (ice ou ev) it's not worth it for me or for Tesla or for TSLA. They need to price it cheap to sell.
  15. How long will you wait for your Cybertruck?

    I want mine after the TSLA share are over 400$ lol
  16. Tesla Q1 2023 Q&A - Direct question to Elon about Cybertruck!

    A better question would be: Will you priced the future models more agressively (lower price) versus the rest of the market.
  17. Silicon anode

    Look for HPQ silicon inc. they are making high quality nanosilicon for a fraction of the price of other producer.
  18. Will You Wrap Your Cybertruck?

    I was thinking about wrapping the pillar in glossy black .
  19. Poll : What would be the perfect model for you

    You really are looking for an axactly 35inch tire? Good luck, even 35x12.50r?? most of the time are not 35inch with a measuring tape. Closer to to 34 most of the time. Also you never mention anything about the wheel size, you just said 35inch winter tire! The good year duratrac are available...