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  1. There should be lifetime supercharging for Foundation Series

    The top 3 complaints about Cybertruck Foundation Series you get 1) range is less, 2) it costs more, and 3) charging times. It’s these reasons people are holding out for regular editions or canceling all together. Fortunately there is a simple solution, Tesla should include lifetime free...
  2. Does the V2G qualify as home battery backup?

    Since the CT has V2G, would it qualify as home battery backup? I am specifically wondering if it would qualify through some loophole for the energy tax credit of 30%? Sounds crazy at first, I know, but you do get 30% credit for Power Wall installation. You might also say that because the truck...
  3. Universal Wall Connector questions

    First, is the Universal Wall Connector on the website the same one that comes with FS CT orders? Second, if so the website says it is 11 KW / 48 amp output, any idea how long it would take a CT to charge from say 10% - 80% at that rate? thanks in advance!