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  1. Flagpole Holder

    Thanks @ToyHauler! Amazon Links: Holder (2 left) Bolts
  2. New DIY Wrap completed: 3M 2080 Satin Thundercloud

    Wow! That's gorgeous. Prettiest CT I've seen so far (to my taste). Congrats!
  3. @jeremyjudkins on X nails it. (CT Ownership)

    I know the CT floats but it works as a paraglider too? It's like James Bond's Q modified a Batmobile!
  4. @jeremyjudkins on X nails it. (CT Ownership)

    For introverts and busy people the attention is an issue, but I would have acted like a Lookie Lou if I saw one in the wild before I got mine. It's an exciting bit of technology. It is a little annoying how the CT changes traffic flow like it has its own gravity. On my way home from picking...
  5. Ohio (Cincinnati) VIN secured!

    Another win for Cincy! AWD - Standard Options RN: 112 836 Order: 1/21/24 PowerShare Visit: 3/27/24 - No install date yet Vin Assigned: 5/9/24 Are deliveries still running about 2 weeks after VIN assignment?
  6. Tow hook threads are exposed

    What is supposed to screw into those threads? What is that used for? Thanks!
  7. Landscaping + forestry using my Cybertruck work truck! 🚜 Check out suspension self leveling after manure drop 😎

    First video looks a lot like what the press has been doing to Tesla and the CT for years. :rolleyes:
  8. Brake Malfunction; hit light pole

    1. Sincerely happy that you're OK. 2. Condolences for your broken truck. That does suck. 3. From those of us who are waiting until Tesla has collected enough data to launch FSD on the Cybertruck, Thanks! Somebody had to get that particular dataset for us. Now the CT knows not to hit light...
  9. Cybertruck rear ended by Ram truck. Stainless steel TKO 🥊

    I want to get that Ram bumper-print made into a wrap. Much better than the OMFG window sticker.
  10. They get same attention!!!!

    Suddenly I'm in the mood for Pringles...
  11. Foundation Series Remorse

    NOOOO! Only short little steps for at least a week. And a bag of frozen peas (toss after use).
  12. Beast better than AWD, change my mind

    Joe Tegtmeyer is predicting 4680 cell improvements to add 10% - 20% range in H1 of this year. Source I think I'll order a Beast when my number comes up (112836XXX) just to delay things so that I can get better batteries. This should give the CB more range than the current AWD, so that takes...
  13. Foundation Series Remorse

    I think he's saying that you ARE AI. Welcome to the Matrix.
  14. Is torque vectoring implemented on The Beast yet?

    Like many of us, I'm preparing for the invitation to buy email. If it comes, I'll grab a Foundation series because I'm tired of waiting. As I understand it, the only advantages the Beast has over the AWD is the quicker acceleration and the torque vectoring. The downsides are the lesser range and...
  15. Ohio

    Thanks for the heads up @ModelAZ. I visited today and it's BEAUTIFUL! The receptionist there said that they have had "several" local people who have received the purchase email. So we're geographic candidates here.
  16. Ohio

    Great News! What are the first five digits of your reservation number? Mine are 11283. Cincinnati. Ready to pull the trigger as soon as I get the offer.
  17. Would you be willing to give up 4" of headroom for more range?

    No but I'd give up 4" of ground clearance if you added a stack on the bottom. 13" of clearance is plenty for me to get over speed bumps. That and driving across the lawn to drop a bag of mulch is as rugged as I get. Probably par for the course for Grand Cherokee drivers.
  18. Leno's Cybertruck Deep Dive Video... Sueded Steering Wheel + Wade Mode Driving in 2.7' Water + Light Bar Prewire

    Light bar hookup will be convenient for law enforcement vehicles. The CT seems to be the perfect USA police vehicle. Quick acceleration, comfortable, lots of lockable storage, American made, and enough of range for normal patrol days/nights, I think. How many miles do the police put on a car...