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  1. Sarge588

    TSportline DIY Cybertruck Wrap Experience & Results: 3M Satin Vampire Red SP273

    Just finished a DIY Wrap on my Cybertruck AWD, wow what an experience! I am very happy with the color / results. Purchased the DIY kit from T Sportline in 3M Satin Vampire Red SP273. Also purchased the PPF for the front hood and grille to protect the wrap from the inevitable rocks and other...
  2. Sarge588

    News about Virginia Deliveries

    Good afternoon. I stopped by the Tesla Store in Richmond today and asked about delivery timelines. The gentleman that I spoke to there told me that they are tentatively scheduled to get between 10-12 VINs before the end of the quarter (Mar 31). He let me know that they'd have some more clarity...