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  1. Powershare Gateway No Longer showing energy data

    After the PowerShare Gateway installation and setup I was really enjoying seeing how my home energy was using grid or solar power. Then one day, it just stopped showing the data. I've done a full power down at the gateway and at my home panel and no help. For those of you with Powershare on...
  2. Center Wheel Hub Covers 85mm

    i picked up these 85mm center hubs and they fit perfectly Just need to do a very simple minor mod with a utility knife. Made a short video on these.
  3. WA CyberTruck deliveries end of March

    I was chatting with the Seattle SoDo delivery folks and they are prepping for a lot of CT deliveries at the end of March. It sounds like that will be the initial delivery location. I’mDual Motor order (01/12) and that tracks with the latest average on the delivery spreadsheet. Still waiting...