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  1. Cyberer

    Cyber Apologetics

    I know I should ignore the ridiculous assertions of the CT haters, but I can’t seem to help but want to defend it against the illogical anti mob. Here’s my latest thought. Feel free to add yours… Assertion: The CT can’t do EVERYTHING better (tow, ford a river, climb a sand dune) than some...
  2. Cyberer

    An Effective but Simple Front Window Sunshade?

    I just received my Heatshield front window sunshade from EVANNEX. It seems quality enough, but man, it is so cumbersome I am wondering how often I will actually use it: Two separate pieces. Rolled up, so it wants to curl on you. Suction cups. Requires installation from both the driver and...
  3. Cyberer

    Cameras Blinking In and Out on the Touchscreen

    I am trying to learn to drive by using the rear and side view cameras alone. But, when I enter the camera mode on the touchscreen (the setting where you get the front camera on top, side views in the middle, and rear below) they flicker on and off. I get an image for 2-3 seconds, then a black...
  4. Cyberer


    First delivery in Eastern NE/Western IA I was told by the Tesla store gang that greeted me today. Driving around downtown Omaha during Warren’s Berkshire shareholder’s meeting is pretty surreal 😆. *****UPDATE: Well, I've got two days of driving bliss under my belt, so here's a few takes for...
  5. Cyberer

    What Should I Inspect for at Delivery?

    Received my VIN today. The SC says my AWD CT will be available for delivery in 4-5 business days. I'd like to start a list of items I should be inspecting prior to taking delivery. I'm not going to get overly wound up about imperfect panel gaps (remember when that was our main concern?), but...
  6. Cyberer

    Method to the madness behind order of invitations?

    Could it be that Tesla is factoring in the optimal way to spread out deliveries in order to gather widespread FSD data in the most efficient way?
  7. Cyberer

    Buying the FS CT Isn't Logical

    I see a lot of furrowed brows and wringing of hands on this forum over whether or not it makes sense to take TSLA up on their Foundation Series offer. Isn't it so much more logical to wait a couple more years for better battery performance, functioning FSD, bugs to be worked out? Or, better yet...
  8. Cyberer

    Great CT Info Spoiled by Bickering

    How do so many posts here get hijacked by two or three folks having a difference of opinion that turns into a Real Housewives of New Jersey episode? So draining. Maybe an unwritten rule that after two back-and-forths where it's gotten personal, we agree to take the argument to a private...