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    Interior Accent Lighting( Colored RGB) Issues?

    So random question for anyone that has taken delivery. Do you notice the lights are pretty dull on the doors? It seems to brighten substantially when you are on the actual color wheel choosing a color and then dulls back down. I am wondering if this is expected behavior or due to the odd...
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    Florida VIN Just Assigned! Non Employee

    I just happened to open up my app and I had a VIN assigned! Second wave of orders 12/15. Not a Tesla employee dual motor! Going to my local Tesla to see what information I can get!
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    Cybertruck Demo Test Drives Coming Soon (by Invite Only List -- Must Add Yourself)!!

    So, in potentially awesome and long overdue news, I went into a local Tesla showroom to ask about my CT order to see if they could see any new info, 2 separate representatives at separate times stated that the showrooms with CT displays WILL soon be offering demo drive invite only events soon...
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    VIN Watch- Tracking Next Steps

    With orders well underway and seemingly very few, if any have yet to receive VINs from the initial wave. Lets track and see what we can gather!